Industry-first for Momentum Support with new cleaning and sanitising equipment for the Irish market


*Delivering new sustainable and innovative cleaning solutions

Momentum Support, the Irish‐owned soft services organisation, has acquired a suite of Eco-Bots, the industry’s first complete range of robotic cleaning and sanitising equipment from ICE (Industrial Cleaning Equipment). Momentum Support is the first company in the Contract Cleaning sector in Ireland to fully implement this state-of-the-art cleaning technology. The new suite of robotic vacuums, scrubber dryers, and sweepers will work in tandem with cleaning operatives.

The bespoke Eco-bot 75 Scrubber Dryer will further position Momentum Support as an industry leader. On-site training has started at Blanchardstown Centre and following this, the suite of Eco-Bots will be rolled out to other Momentum Support sites across Ireland, including retail, healthcare, and transport.

The Eco-Bot has significant environmental advantages including:

  • Up to 70% water savings when compared to existing technology in Ireland
  • Water is recycled through a 4-stage filtration system to give constant operation during the 6-hour run time
  • No need for refilling or dumping water during the cleaning hours
  • Mapped specifically for a location and operates within those parameters

Momentum Support’s Cleaning Supervisor, Ismena Wymyslo is the first person in the retail sector in Ireland to operate the Eco-bot 75. Having completed her training on-site, she is now proficient in the operation of the machine and can already see the benefits it has to offer. Supervisor and Operative training is currently being rolled out on other sites, where key employees will be trained in the use of the new equipment.

Commenting on the acquisition, Elaine Corbally, Sales Director, Momentum Support said: “We are delighted to launch the next stage of Momentum Support’s innovative techniques. Working alongside our cleaning operative, the Eco-Bots will help enhance and improve our delivery of cleaning service and further strengthen Momentum Support’s commitment to innovation and the environment. This new technology will give the company a competitive edge and re-affirm our position as a thought leader in this sector.”

Mary Patterson, Operations Director, Momentum Support added: “Momentum Support is looking forward to merging the suite of Eco-Bots across our sites. We have received great feedback from our clients and staff around this initiative. The innovative technology will work in tandem with our excellent team of cleaning operatives that are located across various sectors and industries. The Eco-Bot will conduct the routine cleaning tasks. In doing so, it will provide our cleaning operatives with the opportunity to focus on specialist, skilled and detailed tasks.”