Innovation Automotive on a charge with launch of new DFSK EC35 All-Electric Van


Innovation Automotive, the UK’s first multi-brand electric vehicle company, has today launched its debut vehicle, the DFSK EC35 all-electric van.

Powered by a 39kWh lithium-ion battery, Innovation Automotive offers the EC35 with a choice of WLTP-approved range options to give customers complete flexibility: the first features a range of 101 miles and a limited top speed of 62mph. For those who wish to travel further on a single charge, customers can opt for an increased WLTP-approved range option which delivers up to 166 miles, with a limited top speed of 50mph. With more than half of UK vans travelling fewer than 15 miles per day, this option will be ample for many van operators across the country.

The EC35 comes with charging capabilities via a CCS charging connector as standard and can be charged to 80% in just 60 minutes using a DC rapid charger, reducing downtime and keeping drivers on the road for longer.

As well as being a nimble electric van that is ideally suited to town and city driving, the EC35 is a supremely capable workhorse. Despite its compact footprint – just 4,500mm in length by 1,680mm in width – the vehicle boasts an impressive total load volume of 4.8m3 and a 1,015kg payload. Furthermore, the EC35’s maximum load length of 2,470mm, width of 1,470mm and height of 1,130mm provides all the capability its users will need.

To help users stay connected on the go, the EC35 is fitted with a 6.8” touchscreen infotainment system by Grundig. The unit comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, turning the EC35 into a connected mobile office. The system also comes equipped with DAB Digital Radio and Voice Control.

Paul Brigden, Innovation Automotive’s CEO, said, “We are delighted to launch our debut vehicle into the UK market. The DFSK EC35 represents the ideal balance between zero tailpipe emissions, load carrying capability and compact dimensions. We believe it’s just what the market needs.

True to the company’s mission of making the transition to electrification accessible and affordable for all, we have priced the EC35 extremely competitively, and will back it up with an aftersales proposition that is unique to the sector. We look forward to engaging with our first customers over the coming weeks and introducing them to the Innovation Automotive experience.”

The launch of the DFSK EC35 follows a series of strategic partnership announcements by Innovation Automotive. Already this year, the electric vehicle specialist has revealed that it will be working in close collaboration with the AA, BCA and Halfords, as part of its comprehensive customer support package.