Introducing the LEVC VN5


LEVC, the UK based electric vehicle brand has named its new zero-emission light commercial van the VN5.  Aligned with LEVC’s overall product naming strategy, the same technical and functional nomenclature has been used for van. As with TX for its taxi range, VN is chosen for van and ‘5’ to represent the volume of the cargo area, 5m3.

The VN5 cargo capacity easily accommodates two Euro sized pallets with a gross payload of over 800kg. It has been built with a large side-loading door (enabling a pallet to be side-loaded) and a 60/40 split door at the rear to make loading and unloading easy for the driver. Based on the same architecture and proven eCity range-extender technology as LEVC’s TX electric taxi, VN5 will offer the same electric powertrain with a pure EV range of 102 km and with a total flexible range of 301 485 km. Like the TX, VN5 will feature a similar ultra-tight turning circle providing unrivalled mobility in busy city environments.

LEVC’s VN5 is designed to provide ‘distribution to door’ – not just last mile – capability, creating a link between out of town depots and city centres. Based on a real world 75 km delivery route into central London, VN5 can make approximately twice the amount of journeys and deliveries as its segment competitors, by having the flexibility to operate emission (and penalty) free in the city’s restricted ULEZ environment.

VN5 has been designed to last twice as long the competition, thanks to the first in sector lightweight bonded aluminium body structure, that is also currently used in TX. The tried and tested technology is resistant to corrosion and absorbs twice the crash energy of mild steel. In addition, VN5 features composite body panels which are resistant to dents, shrugging off minor impacts and helping to keep the vehicle on the road. Full production of VN5 will commence at LEVC’s state-of-the-art factory in Q4 this year with volume expected to take up 70% of the annual 20,000-unit production capacity.