IRHA intervenes to reduce delays at Garda Checkpoints; Driving & Rest Times’ derogation in Spain ceases


As the country braced itself for an Easter Holiday weekend with a difference, the Gardaí had a more noticeable presence on the roads and check points appeared on all the main routes out of Dublin. As many truck drivers found themselves held up as the Gardaí checking the legitimacy of their journeys, the Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA) intervened successfully to alleviate the delays.

In other news, Spain has not extended the temporary relaxation on driving hours, introduced during the early part of the Coronavirus affecting the country.

IRHA negotiate with Garda National Roads Policing Bureau on route checks and delays for HGVs

Since the lockdown, the IRHA is in touch with the Garda National Roads Policing Bureau on the issue of road checks and the need to recognise goods freight as essential items and ensure the movement of goods continue as unhindered as possible.

Last week, serious delays were being experienced by IRHA members’ trucks on many roads, particularly the N7 and M7.  Following representations by the IRHA, the Bureau agreed to implement a system of separate approach lanes for HGVs at check points, in order to avoid goods transport being delayed due to private car checks.

Initial feedback has been positive, and the new system appears to have been implemented.  Any further feedback is welcome at the IRHA, so that the road transport body can continue to inform the Bureau of any such further delays. Please email the office and supply as much detail as possible.  No names will be passed, just details of place and time. EMAIL:

The Government issued a renewed statement last week reaffirming the need to keep goods moving: “It is essential that the work of the supply chain continues to the greatest extent possible throughout the COVID-19 crisis.  Where practical, all goods should continue to be distributed (not just food and medical supplies) to warehouses, businesses and distribution centres around the country. Likewise, all activities necessary for the continued provision of an essential service in the supply chain should continue.  Every link must operate if the entire system is to operate smoothly.”

SPAIN – Driving & Rest Times’ derogation comes to an end

The Spanish Government, for the moment, has not extended the exceptions to the driving and rest time rules.  Therefore, international haulage companies and freight forwarders are reminded that relaxations notified to the European Commission by the Spanish Government on driving and rest time rules have ceased to apply. From this week onwards, drivers operating in Spain must comply with Reg. (EC) 561/2006 original requirements.