Irish Government issues further call to businesses to provide facilities for drivers – IRHA


According to Eugene Drennan, the newly elected President of the Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA), the organisation has continued to raise the issue of lack of basic washing and toilet facilities for drivers at depots and loading bays, despite the clear guidance given by Government.

“We asked that a renewed directive at businesses be made as the initial advice was not being listened to in many instances around the country.” Eugene also said the Road Safety Authority (RSA) & the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport (DTTAS) have put some new, temporary regulations in place.

On Friday, the Department of Business, in conjunction with the Health Service Executive (HSE), issued a new statement to all businesses, to address this problem: –

“Transport workers are critical in ensuring the continuity of supply chains in Ireland; protecting the health of supply chain workers is key in maintaining the flow of essential goods into and out of Ireland.

The HSE’s public health advice is very clear to all workers and citizens; following good hygiene and hand washing practices is essential in limiting the spread of COVID – 19.

Transport workers are designated as essential workers under recent restrictions, and the HSE has reiterated that washing hands often, with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds is a requirement to stop the spread of infection, and access is needed to available sanitary facilities to allow for this.

See HSE hand hygiene guidance.

Where possible, please facilitate all transport workers by continuing to provide access to toilet and hand washing facilities. This simple measure will help maintain the healthy workforce required to keep supply chains moving in Ireland.”