IVECO plant in Valladolid is confirmed as an Industry 4.0 benchmark in Spain in the Factories of the Future Awards 2022 


The IVECO plant in Valladolid, where the cab chassis of the Daily light commercial vehicle and the cab of the IVECO S-WAY heavy range are manufactured, has been awarded the “Tecnalia al Liderazgo” prize for the digital transformation of the industrial plant. 

The Factories of the Future Awards recognise innovation and leadership in the industrial sector. 

The IVECO factory in Valladolid has been recognised for its innovation, quality and continuous improvement with an award that once again positions the plant as a benchmark for Industry 4.0 in Spain. The factory was selected as winner in the main category “Leadership in the digital transformation of the industrial plant” by the jury panel of the Factories of the Future Awards 2022, organised by Advanced Factories, for its project “Efficient transformation in 4 stages: ideal model (benchmarking), loss measurement, increased competitiveness and maximum return applications.” 

Advanced Factories has become a benchmark in southern Europe for automation, robotics and digitalisation. With the aim of supporting our business ecosystem in its transformation and giving visibility to disruptive proposals, we have recognised IVECO Valladolid for its commitment to advanced technology in the context of an industrial plant. Specifically, we evaluated the link between the digital environment and the human team in supporting each of the stages of improvement which were identified, with the aim of eliminating major losses within the factory and increasing competitiveness – a topic which is very much in line with the ideas promoted by Advanced Factories,” said Óscar Iñigo, the director of the Industry 4.0 Congress, which is organised under the auspices of Advanced Factories, and a member of the jury. 

José Manuel Jaquotot, Plant Manager of the IVECO facility in Valladolid, who accepted the award during the gala held at the Barcelona International Convention Centre, thanked “the whole team at Valladolid for the good work done over the last few years. This is just the beginning of a new era in manufacturing. For several years, the Valladolid factory has been committed to the digitalisation of all its processes and it’s an IVECO S.p.A. Via Puglia 35 10156 Turin, Italy 

honour for us to receive this recognition. It encourages us to continue with our plan for digital transformation and automation of the most important processes, such as improved ergonomics, traceability and machine vision in quality control, advanced condition-based maintenance of machines and the improvement and automation of logistics, which is the key to improvement in our sector.” 

IVECO Valladolid: the road to Industry 4.0 

The Valladolid factory, built in 1955, was acquired by IVECO on 13 September 1990, when it started production of the Daily range. Previous owners of the facility include FADA, SAVA, and finally Pegaso. 

The IVECO factory in Valladolid is regarded as one of the leading automotive facilities in the Castile and León region, thanks to its innovative spirit that has made it a world benchmark in Industry 4.0. Its policy of continuous improvement has allowed it to increase efficiency, quality and adaptability, while promoting innovation within its workforce. 

In 2019, the Valladolid plant achieved Gold Level in World Class Manufacturing, an award for the highest level of industrial innovation, recognising its major advances in quality, environmental protection, safety and innovation in the production processes.