“IVECO Solidarity Load trucks cross Brazil – Brings joy to Palestina do Pará”

IVECO Solidarity

Mobilization has brought a special Christmas to more than 2,000 children in the small town in the interior of the state of Pará

Christmas for the children of Palestina do Pará, a small, simple and remote town in the state of Pará, in northern Brazil, used to be a festivity they saw celebrated on television, but this year was different. Everything changed with the arrival of the trucks from IVECO Solidarity Load, which travelled 5,521 kilometers loaded with toys. The city of Palestina do Pará will remember the month of December 2018 for the demonstration of solidarity that crossed the country and engaged the people who make up the transport chain in Brazil.
For two months, IVECO, a brand of CNH Industrial, and its partners mobilized to collect donations. The initiative began in the last stage of the Gincana do Caminhoneiro, in Campo Largo, Paraná. The truck drivers were invited to donate the first toys, and they then participated in the solidarity action right to the end.
The initiative inspired the engagement of many people, generating a chain of goodwill that crossed the country. IVECO’S dealers, suppliers, customers, partners and its factory in Sete Lagoas, in Minas Gerais, collaborated in the campaign. A total of 3,685 toys were collected and distributed to 2,280 children.
“The IVECO Solidarity Load is a project that we are very proud of. In this second edition, we chose Palestina do Pará, a small city that is difficult to access by truck and has a low Human Development Index (HDI),” explains Ricardo Barion, IVECO’s Marketing and Sales Director for Latin America. “The delivery of toys closed the cycle of a positive year and a successful project that started in October, with the involvement of truckers. It was the best way to give back and share the results achieved in 2018 and inspire good examples,” Barion adds.

On the road with one destination
IVECO trucks travelled across Brazil to make Christmas brighter for many children. The challenge of taking the cargo to its final destination was shared among thousands of truck drivers, who drove in the most diverse conditions finding great motivation in delivering thousands of toys to the city of Palestina do Pará, located 648 km from the state capital Belém.
“The people of Palestina are humble and very respectful to each other. It is a quiet place,” said resident Jovani de Brito. Maria Sônia, also local to Palestina do Pará, pointed out that the “children here only know about the great Christmas parties and celebrations through television.”
“We have crossed Brazil, facing difficulties on the road, such as intense sun, high temperatures, heavy rains, dirt roads, narrow bridges and ferries, but we didn’t give up because we were carrying a very special load,”, said Maurício Corrêa, IVECO marketing manager. “With the support of the local city hall, we were able to really surprise the city. In addition to receiving toys, many children met Santa for the first time. We saw smiles on every face in the city. It was a unique and happy Christmas.”
Chain of goodwill
In the city of Laranjal Paulista, in the state of São Paulo, for example, thousands of toys were donated by a customer. The action also included the participation of FPT Industrial, another CNH Industrial brand. The IVECO dealer network also helped with the collection. Efforts to collect toys were concentrated in the city of Jundiaí, also in São Paulo.
The initiative was supported by professionals from different areas in many ways, from collecting toys to delivery. Driver Jessica Valoski, for example, followed the donations with the truck drivers. Meanwhile, journalist Sergio Kaskanlian of the Planeta Caminhão press media documented the delivery of toys in Jundiaí.

Video: IVECO Solidarity Load
IVECO has published a video about the action that is becoming very popular in social media: https://youtu.be/U5sRFYc6NDs
It documents everything from the initial toy donation to the delivery of the gifts in the central square of the city, which was taken over by the children. In an atmosphere of celebration and joy, Santa Claus joined the awaiting crowd and distributed toys to all the children present. Everything happened in a climate of solidarity and fraternization.
In the video, the children highlighted the passion for playing with balls, dolls, carts and plastic wagons. “The IVECO Solidarity Load 2018 has overcome obstacles and travelled a long way to give a smile to the people in Palestina do Pará, and this makes it worth all the effort,” ends Corrêa.

Solidary Christmas
Another recent social action of IVECO and CNH Industrial was Natal Solidário (Solidary Christmas) at the restaurant of the Sete Lagoas Industrial Complex, at the end of November. At the event, staff members welcomed children and senior citizens for a special meal and helped Santa give presents to the guests.