‘Keep Doing the Simple Things’ to suppress COVID-19 – HSA


Everybody should be mindful of increasing numbers in some counties and need to redouble efforts in regard to COVID-19 control in their workplaces, but remember the other risks in your work place have not gone away, slips, trips and falls for example.

Hopefully if everyone puts their shoulder to the wheel over the coming weeks, this time we will manage to suppress this lethal virus, that is COVID-19. To do this we must follow the simple actions, such as:

  • Physical Distancing
  • Hand hygiene
  • Wearing of face masks/face coverings
  • Reducing social and other contacts as much as possible
  • Workplace hygiene and cleaning

Please check our website for regular advise and updates on www.hsa.ie

Every working day seven people are hurt in work Slips, Trips & Falls (STF)       

These injuries are serious with 22% of STF victims off-work for over one month. The HSA now has a dedicated online location to enable employers and workers better understand and manage slip, trip and fall risks. Click on this link Slip Risk Assessment and Prevention to explore the resources available. This should help in assessing risks and preventing slips. The resources available will also assist with slip accident investigations.