Kraker Trailers folding bumpers quickly conquered the market


Efficient and easier work with K-Force

Kraker Trailers introduced the folding bumper as a new option on their moving floor trailers in 2022. The advantages of this bumper include making work easier and safer for drivers. This is typical for Kraker: always looking for innovations that provide users with extra convenience and safety.

Unloading above a bunker

Many drivers are familiar with the problem: you have to unload above a bunker or chute, but the rear bumper is in the way, especially if there are also bumper blocks around the bunker. This problem was compounded when new legislation required the bumper to be positioned lower and further back. The folding bumper developed by Kraker (which provides about 15cm of extra clearance when folded) provides a practical solution.

With the folded bumper, combined with the air suspension in the highest position if necessary, K-Force fits right above the bunker. This allows for effortless unloading of the cargo. This option makes it even easier to work with K-Force.

Folding bumper protects the lighting

Besides the benefits for the driver, this bumper also provides several extras. The folding bumper falls outside the unloading area in the folded position. This both protects the lighting plate and ensures no residue is left behind.

The pneumatically-lifted bumper is manually operated with a button on the side of the trailer. A remote control is also available as an optional extra.

Most preferred option

Now that the folding bumper has been on the market for a while, it is proving to be a hit. Its effectiveness has more than proved its worth in practice. Most carriers are opting for this bumper. This innovation is also the most frequently selected option on K-Force moving floor trailers today.