Krone 360° Trailer Service – Putting digitalization in the spotlight

The services of Krone 360° Trailer Service are increasingly shaped by digitalization. Ralf Faust,Managing Director Service at the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group, explains the strategy: “Across the entire Krone 360° Trailer Service, the focus is on digitalization and networking with our customers, not just this year but also in the years to come. Every day, we strive to open up new, better options for our customers, to expand the service and to offer as many themes, data and products available digitally as well as making the products available to order digitally.”

A key component of the Krone 360° Trailer Service is the new digital strategy “Krone Intelligent Transport Solutions” or KITS. These include data management, telematics products and increasingly digitalised service components. The Krone 360° Trailer Service starts as soon as the vehicle is delivered, whether with or without telematics equipment. The vehicle data is then available digitally in the “My Krone” service portal, where important data on delivery and processing is also stored in order to reduce the processing workload.

Spare parts service: the Krone Spare Parts Online Shop

The Krone spare parts service is also characterised by digitalization and telematics. A typical example of this is tracking a spare part on its way to the customer – this is a new feature at Krone. In the “Krone Spare Parts Onlineshop”, around 70,000 spare parts are available for order. For all available parts, graphics are shown in the online shop so that they can be identified as easily and reliably as possible. Photos or renderings are now also available for many thousands of spare parts. One further aspect that has been simplified is that customers can upload their vehicles to the “My Krone” area to make ordering even easier. Just click on the desired vehicle and the choose from the suitable spare parts – a popular service which, in its current state, is ahead of the game in the trailer industry.  That is why almost 70 percent of orders are now processed via the online shop. However, when it comes to parts that require explanation, such as electrical parts, or technical questions, the Krone experts are still available by phone or email.

Spare parts can also be ordered from the Krone Spare Parts Shop without a vehicle identification number. The best way to do this is via the item number, item description or by selecting a photo. Once the item has been selected, also it is possible to check  whether it is really the right part. The function “Check use in the vehicle” can be activated via the vehicle identification  number.

International reach of spare parts service

The potential and the strategic orientation of Krone’s spare parts business are currently being greatly expanded internationally. Subsidiaries and partner companies, which have been established in all European countries and beyond, take care of the marketing of spare parts. With the new brand “Krone Trusted”, which was introduced at the beginning of 2021, Krone also offers inexpensive wear parts as high-quality alternatives to the original, which enable a cost advantage of up to 50 percent. These spare parts can also be ordered digitally via the shop. In view of the very positive response, Krone will further expand this brand in the future.

Round-the-clock workshop network

Krone’s well-developed service partner network makes it easy for drivers to find the right service workshop quickly and easily at any time. Through the cooperation with Alltrucks Truck & Trailer Service alone, more than 700 service partners in 14 European countries are available to provide a comprehensive and brand-independent service for trucks and trailers. In order to expand the service packages in the area of fleet management, Krone and the service provider ECR Solutions are also offering logistics service providers and shippers customised complete solutions for the management of trailer fleets as part of a strategic partnership. The Krone order system thus offers the possibility of handling claims digitally, not only in the case of a warranty claim: The customer simply logs on to the portal and, if possible, sends along corresponding pictures. The folder system is digitally linked to the Krone Spare Parts online shop, so that required spare parts can be obtained directly. The required parts are stored in the shop via the watch list and can be easily ordered by transferring them to the shopping cart. This service is also available as a Krone Claim Care App.

The Krone Service Locator is also available as an app and online, which can be used to quickly find the right workshop while on the road by entering a postcode. The Krone Tyre Locator app includes service partners specifically for tyre handling.

Another service component from Krone is the flexible modular system “Fair Care”, which takes care of maintenance and wear and tear repairs on trailers for 24 to 72 months. Fair Care is available in three practical packages that build on each other: “Light”, “Basic” or “Complete”. With these, the extension packages “Tyre” for tyres, “Cool” for cooling units and “Lifter” for tail lifts can be combined as required. Furthermore, there is the additional option “Breakdown” for Europe-wide breakdown handling. In addition to “Fair Care”, Krone has other practical services in its programme, including a warranty extension for new vehicles and services for the Celsineo refrigeration unit, which can also be flexibly adapted.