Krone Dry Box – the new generation of swap bodies


Innovation boost from the market leader: ten further developments

Even greater stability, more protection against damage, easier to use – Krone Dry Box, the new generation of steel smooth-wall swap bodies from Krone, will be launched in 2024 with ten ingenious enhancements.

To increase protection against damage, the front wall is now slightly recessed at the top, so that there is sufficient space even when cornering. In addition, the collision guard has been extended to 1,300 mm at the bottom. The new embossing in the front and side rails provides even more stability in the body, which also offers better protection for stickers and contour markings. The rear and front corner stanchions have also become even more stable and are now extended down to the floor.

The corner fittings have also been modified: they now offer an integrated support leg rest. Drivers in particular will appreciate the more easily accessible support leg release, which can be operated from the outside and is fitted with a hand-friendly rubber coating. The ladder safety catch equipped with a spring plate is also easier to operate.

There have also been changes to the substructure: the tunnel has been increased from 90 to 100 mm. Krone has also upgraded the interior of the steel smooth-wall swap body: The new scuff plate has new embossing on both sides, into which an optional lashing option can be welded.

As point 10 of the numerous product improvements, Krone is introducing the new swap body generation, which has been in production since February 2024, under the new, internationally established name Krone Dry Box. Krone is the leading manufacturer of swap bodies, which can be customised thanks to the versatile modular system. For fast loading cycles, for example, there is a railway-compatible roller shutter at the rear that can be opened from the ramp.