Krone launches its new Swap Liner for two 7.45 m swap bridges


Krone is paving the way with its new Swap Liner, demonstrating how a type 1 long HGV (extended semitrailer) can easily transport two swap bridges each 7.45 metres long. Last year, amended traffic regulations for this combination raised the maximum permissible overall length from 17.80 m to 17.88 m. Prompted by this change, Krone developed the new Swap Liner – specifically for transporting two 7.45 m long swap bridges. Compared to the lorry plus trailer, this trailer combination saves about 1.5 litres of fuel per 100 km.

The chassis features the patented hybrid frame neck, with a neck height of 85 mm, also allows operators to use cost-effective and durable 315/80 R 22.5 tyres on the drive axle. At the same time, it ensures precise compliance with the maximum overall height of 4000 mm with swap bridges with a corner height of 2750 mm.

The hybrid frame neck serves as a guide when connecting the swap bridges. Special runners at the back of the vehicle ensure that the containers are precisely mounted and aligned. Folding stops are used to ensure precision swapping when the front swap bridge is placed flush with the rear of the ramp.

The innovative High Speed Stability range is practical and driver-friendly. It extends the virtual wheelbase, thereby ensuring improved handling. What’s more, an additional system makes it considerably easier to bridge the swap bodies: When engaging reverse gear of the unladen vehicle, the bellows of the first axle are vented and the second axle is lifted. This significantly reduces how much the semitrailer swings out at the rear. A reversing camera for the Swap Liner is also available on request. The Swap Liner also features impressive safety features, such as flashing side position lamps. The new Swap Liner is also available in a two-axle version. This type comes with a self-steering axle as standard.

The conclusion? Krone now offers an intelligent alternative to the lorry plus trailer with the Swap Liner for transporting two swap bridges and a permissible total weight of 40 t. This new vehicle increases the range of deployment options in combined transport.