Krone presents second generation 62 pallet Vario Liner Double-Deck trailer


More stability, better handling, shorter turnaround times and thus more efficiency in part-load transports are promised by the new double-deck trailer presented yesterday by the Europäische Ladungs-Verbund Internationaler Spediteure (ELVIS) AG. The tarpaulin semi-trailer named Vario Liner was specially designed for use in HUB and line haul transport. It offers up to 62 pallet spaces on two levels and is also approved for ADR transports with its Code XL certified body. The presentation of the new trailer yesterday at the ELVIS-HUB in Knüllwald also marked the official start of sales. The innovative double-deck trailer was developed in close cooperation with the commercial vehicle manufacturers KRONE and Wiese.

“The new Vario Liner is the efficient answer to the daily challenges in HUB and regular transport,” says Nikolja Grabowski, CEO of ELVIS AG. “It not only holds more cargo than its predecessor, but can also be loaded and unloaded even faster. This makes it more economical and reduces transport-related CO2 emissions.”

The newly developed curtainsider trailer, which ELVIS has set up in close cooperation with the commercial vehicle manufacturers KRONE and Wiese, can be loaded both from the sides and via the rear doors. This concept reduces the time required for loading and unloading any load to a minimum and, in combination with the double-deck system, also guarantees a low damage rate. The second level, which can be variably adjusted segment by segment, not only increases the number of pallet spaces to 62, it also prevents goods from being stacked incorrectly and damaged due to excessive pressure.

The height adjustment of the individual level elements is done with the help of a forklift truck. To ensure safety at all times, the segments are equipped with an electronic lock that prevents unintentional adjustment. This can only be released by inserting the forklift tines into the intermediate floor pockets of the respective level segment. The driver no longer has to intervene manually, which considerably improves his safety and comfort during loading. The operation is very simple, a short instruction is sufficient. Eugen Friesen, project manager and chief design engineer at Wiese GmbH & Co. KG: “Equipping the trailer as a double-deck variant is a decisive factor in improving vehicle utilisation. For example, palletised goods and long goods can be transported simultaneously and safely.”

By placing heavy goods on the lower level and lighter goods on the upper level, a low centre of gravity can also be realised, which in turn has a positive effect on the driving characteristics and increases safety. In order to reduce the loading process to a minimum, even with long goods, the Vario Liner is also equipped with a lifting roof as standard, which allows faster access to the upper level. This also makes it easier and quicker to secure the load.

The second generation of the Vario Liner meets the strict requirements for load securing with the Code XL and is also characterised by even greater stability compared to the predecessor model. Both the frame and the stanchions have been reinforced. Particularly solid guides prevent the intermediate shelves from tilting. Björn Budde, Sales Manager Germany at Fahrzeugwerk Bernard KRONE GmbH & Co. KG: “As a result, we achieve a considerable gain in comfort and – due to the improved driving characteristics – a big plus in safety in road traffic. Due to the high flexibility in loading, we have also managed to achieve a considerable degree of efficiency and sustainability in combined loading situations.”

The new Vario Liner can be ordered directly from ELVIS with immediate effect. Nikolja Grabowski: “We are very pleased that we have successfully completed the development and test phase of the new Vario Liner and can now offer our partner companies another sophisticated tool that helps them to operate more economically, efficiently and environmentally friendly.”