Krone Trailer & TIP Group – Coming together digitally!

*Seamless data transfer with Krone Telematics

Krone Trailer and TIP Group has established an innovative partnership that ensures immediate, seamless data transfer from Krone’s advanced Telematics hardware to TIP Trailer Telematics applications. This integrated solution paves the way for the automatic transfer of trailer data from Krone Telematics solution to TIP Trailer Telematics.

“Digital transformation necessitates data standardization, system interoperability, and open interfaces. Our partnership with TIP is a manifestation of our commitment to these principles,” noted Ralf Faust, Managing Director at Krone.

“This partnership with Krone is very important to us, as we want to provide all our customers and other stakeholders with meaningful data. As fleet data is becoming increasingly abundant,  data sharing accelerates every involved party to provide a better and more integrated service,” added Theo De Vries, VP Services and Insight at TIP Group.

Krone’s innovative telematics solution allows for real-time trailer data analysis, which is fundamental for offering connected services. Data standardization and system interoperability are pivotal to meet the escalating demand for digitalization. The partnership of Krone with TIP guarantees this transparency and convenience by enabling access to all required data through the user’s preferred telematics portal and offers frictionless telematics services to TIP customers.

Pictured: Theo De Vries, VP Services and Insight at TIP Group, and Ralf Faust, Managing Director Services at Krone, are pleased with the successful collaboration.