Krone Trusted: Spare parts business now extents to truck sector


Up to 50 per cent price advantage also for Krone truck parts

The Krone Trusted spare parts brand, which was successfully launched in 2020, is now expanding its range to include spare parts for trucks. Just like the more than 300 different branded spare parts, which cover more than 80 per cent of common wear parts on trailers and are up to 50 per cent cheaper than original spare parts, Krone Truckparts are sold via the online shop

“Initially, the extended range will focus on common wear parts for truck axles and brakes, such as brake discs. The tested truck spare parts can be identified as usual via reference numbers,” explains Ralf Faust, Managing Director Service at Krone Trailer. As in the trailer sector, the truck parts come from well-known manufacturers and offer a price advantage of up to 50 per cent. All Krone Trusted spare parts for trucks are kept in stock and can be ordered immediately.

Krone only markets the truck and trailer parts to workshops and fleet operators, not to other dealers.  The new offer is available in all countries with Krone sales companies with the exception of Turkey.

About Krone Trusted

Under the Krone Trusted brand, the commercial vehicle manufacturer offers over 300 different branded spare parts. The individual parts are sourced directly from well-known European manufacturers who also supply Krone as original equipment.

Krone Trusted thus offers an inexpensive and high-quality alternative to original spare parts, which has met with a great response from workshops and fleet operators. Up to 350 spare parts orders enter the system every day.