Krone wins Telematics Award 2022


“3D Telematics” convinces expert jury

German Trailer manufacturer Krone has won the “Telematik Award 2022” in the trailer telematics category. This coveted industry award is presented by the media group, which uses it to honor outstanding development achievements and solutions in the field of telematics. In the competition, Krone impressed with its “telematics of the third dimension” concept, which is particularly characterized by the use of new sensors and the application of artificial intelligence (“AI”).

While telematics solutions of the first and second dimension focused primarily on the position and technical status of the vehicle, there was an increasing desire along the supply chain for real-time monitoring of the cargo area. Here, Krone relies on optical sensor technology as a data provider for the Krone Smart Collect (KSC) telematics and diagnostics unit, which collects the data and establishes the connection with the Krone Telematics portal. With the Krone Smart Capacity Management intelligent load space detection system based on this, the dispatcher can now track the trailer in real time, view the loading area, check the interior before and after a loading or unloading operation, and detect damage, improper load securing, and people. The basic version, SmartScan, transmits high-resolution images of the trailer interior, while the higher version, SmartLoad, uses artificial intelligence to detect free capacity in the cargo area and also takes precise digital measurements.

Ralf Faust, Managing Director of Service at Krone Commercial Vehicle SE: “Our innovative technology does much more than just identify empty parking spaces. Enriched with weight information, Krone SmartLoad enables real-time connection to freight exchanges and can automatically book additional freight that matches the route and empty capacities. The system also detects irregularities in the hold, such as unauthorized persons or overturned freight, so reliably that appropriate alarms can be set up. With 3D Telematics, Krone provides freight forwarders and logisticians with an innovative logistics tool that can significantly increase the profitability and environmental compatibility of transports.”

The Telematic Award has been presented every two years since 2010 by the media group. The jury of experts responsible for the evaluation is made up of renowned members from business, science, trade journalists and experts.



Bringing telematics into the 3rd dimension:

Ralf Faust and Maximilian Birle from the Bernard KRONE vehicle factory in Werlte are delighted to receive the Telematik Award 2022 in the Trailer Telematics category.