LiftBoxx introduces LiftBoxx Docks


*New transport system where containers can be loaded and unloaded at any level between street and dock height (160 cm)

LiftBoxx is a successful distribution system with loading boxes that can be picked up and moved by a van chassis with a U-shape. With the new LiftBoxx Docks variant, the U-chassis can hinge vertically using a hydraulic system. The driver then brings the container to the desired height for loading or unloading. The loading platform remains locked to the chassis during lifting and lowering and is always level.

With this unique Docks system, LiftBoxx has developed a solution for the use of loading units in situations with multiple types of drop-off stations. The LiftBoxx Docks are suitable for use in construction companies, hospitals, the automotive industry, catering and recycling, for example.

LiftBoxx loading boxes can be disconnected and dropped off. Thanks to this exchange system, multiple boxes with one chassis can form a logistics solution. Because a tailgate is not required, loading and unloading is very efficient. A LiftBoxx system is particularly advantageous for rides with many stops.

The LiftBoxxes are available with loading lengths between 4000 and 5500 mm. The internal width of the loading space is 1800 mm. The internal height is a maximum of 3000 mm. A Liftboxx chassis can transport boxes with a variety of lengths.

The LiftBoxx Docks are powered by a Fiat Ducato cab with a diesel, petrol, LPG or CNG engine.

The gross vehicle weight of the LiftBoxx Docks is – according to the customer’s wishes – 5000 to 6600 kg. The net loading capacity can vary from 1500 to over 3000 kg.

LiftBoxx is currently touring various countries with a demo vehicle. Interested parties can contact for an on-site demonstration.