Logistics Apprenticeship delivering solutions for Freight Distribution & Logistics Sector – Irelandskills Live


IrelandSkills Live is taking place  at the RDS Simmonscourt Pavilion, Dublin from March 21st to 23rd next and the Logistics Associate Apprenticeship will have a stand at the event and its representatives are looking forward to meeting students, parents, career guidance teachers and employers at this exciting event that showcases the talent Ireland has to offer in over 25 different skills.

The Logistics Associate Apprenticeship is the first of the new ‘earn as you learn’ apprenticeship delivering for the freight distribution and logistics sector. In its first year, the Logistics Associate Apprenticeship, will have 2 apprentices competing in the Inaugural   National Skills Logistics competition at the Ireland Skills event. The apprentices are representing the haulage and freight distribution sector.

Anna Gorecka, project manager for the Logistics Associate apprenticeship said that “this is an ideal opportunity for our apprentices to compete in a national competition highlighting the sector in which they work and also highlighting the diversity and opportunities there are in the freight distribution & logistics sector that has embraced this new apprenticeship programme.”

Anna continued: “We have 27 apprentices on the first year of the 2 year level 6 day-release programme attending School of Management, TU Dublin Aungier Street, 25% of the cohort are women and their participation in this competition will offer great opportunities for the individuals but also for our industry to promote the opportunities in this vital industry to the Irish economy, we wish the competitors all the best and congratulate them for being trail blazers and having the confidence to challenge themselves in this showcase for skills in Ireland.” Ireland Skills and the support for employers in encouraging them to get more involved in training and education is vital to attract new entrants and provide solutions for the deepening skills shortage in an industry that is facing significant change as a consequence of Brexit. The apprenticeship programme now not only offers employers the chance to recruit new entrants but to also upskill existing employees  in developing the awareness for this programme.

Skills Shortages is becoming the buzz term within all business sectors and none more so within the freight distribution and logistics sector, where an acute shortage of ‘suitably skilled’ personnel is restricting growth opportunities. Employers are finding it difficult to fill vacancies. In October 2018,  The Logistics Associate Apprenticeship won the 2019 Fleet Transport Award’s Innovation Award. The new apprenticeship was developed by School of Management TU Dublin along with a dynamic consortium made up of industry representatives and trade associations such as the Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI), lead propose, CILT, IIFA, IPICS and the institute Chartered of Shipbrokers. Like all new ‘earn as you learn’ programmes the industry need was demonstrated during the proposal and development phases of the project.

Key Benefits of the Logistics apprenticeship for employers:

  • Upskilling opportunities;
  • Builds loyalty amongst staff;
  • Offers career progression opportunities;
  • Helps with succession plans for businesses;
  • The programme is built around work related experience and work specific projects.
  • Attracts new entrants into the industry.

By 2020 the Government plans to have over 70 apprenticeship programmes in operation (currently there are 41 apprenticeship programmes) and 9,000 registrations for apprentices per annum.

Those interested in finding out more about the new apprenticeship standard should contact 01 8447516 or email agroecka@laa.ie or visit www.laa.ie