Lymm Truckwash helps keep Supply Chain clean


Europe’s largest truckwash, Lymm Truckwash Ltd, located on the M6/M56 intersection at Poplar Park, Cliff Lane in Cheshire has implemented essential services to the Supply chain the facilities are remaining open on normal hours:

Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm, last wash at 4.30pm; Saturday 7am to 11.30am.

“Our aim is to keep the trucks on our roads as clean as possible to help restrict the spread of the virus while they deliver essential supplies to the Nation and NHS. 

Plus keep the drivers and our staff safe while providing this essential service,” explained Laura Cardwell, Managing Director, Lymm Truckwash Ltd.

“We are the only truckwash in the UK to offer a totally contactless payment system with the driver not leaving his cab. Therefore, our staff and the drivers are very safe and protected,” she added.

 The protective systems in place include:

  • Each customer pulls up 2 to 4 meters away from the driver height kiosk.
  • The ANPR camera captures the registration
  • If on account, the driver tells us his surname and confirms the type of wash, the e-receipt is sent straight to the fleet manager and we invoice once a month by email.
  • If credit card, we offer contactless (none of our wash costs go over the new limit of £45.00) and have a machine with a pole on it.
  • If snap, same as account
  • If fuel card same process as account, and the driver reads the long card number and expiry date and the person in the kiosk inputs it.
  • Currently not taking cash.
  • Not giving a free air freshner or any free wrapped biscuits with each wash. This will resume once the pandemic is over/stabilised

Please see youtube video:

In addition to ensure Lymm is following Government guidelines and protect staff and customers, the following procedures are in place:

  1. Social distancing of all staff to at least 2 metres, with signs to remind them of this in place.
  2. Encouraging regular hand washing and placed signs of how to wash hands properly around the site
  3. Regular cleaning and wiping down of all services and the men’s communal rest area and facilities with products that contain more than 65% alcohol.
  4. All men wear full PPE clothing at all times and e encourage them to wash their under clothes each evening.
  5. No meetings or unnecessary persons on the site.
  6. Office staff are working from home.


Lymm Truckwash is now also offering the following cab sanitising kits for sale at £20.  These can either be bulk ordered and delivered to the customer or collected from the wash, or bought at the kiosk. These are over 65% alcohol based so will kill the virus and one product can be used on the outside of the cab as well as the inside.