M50 Truck & Van Centre: ‘MAHA Ireland never lets us down’

Conveniently, M50 Truck & Van Centre’s authorised Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing (CVRT) centre is located just off the M50 in Dublin. The facility has been its home since 2004; nearly 20 years later, MAHA Ireland equipment that was installed is still going strong!

In fact, as MAHA Ireland Managing Director, Eoin Mallon, explains, the MBT 7250 commercial brake tester has been in service even longer than that.

“The brake tester was actually installed at M50’s previous site in 2001. Thanks to the regimented maintenance regime that’s been carried out over the decades, though, the brake tester is still operating correctly and efficiently today. We urge all of our customers to initiate preventative maintenance, as it should uphold the performance and results of equipment, as well as its lifespan.”

M50 Truck & Van Centre Director, Glen Guildea, concurred with Eoin’s assessment: “MAHA Ireland has never let us down, which, given the throughput of vehicles, is exactly what we want and what we need from a supplier. Our CVRT test lanes are running continually on rotation, six days-a-week; for example, the MAHA inspection lift is in continual operation from 7am to 6pm daily. It’s a credit to the quality of the equipment and service that MAHA Ireland provides us.”


Importance of after-sales

MAHA Ireland is proud of its after-sales support; given that it is solely responsible for the calibrations of more than 100 test lanes to just shy of 50 National Car Testing centres and 190 commercial test lanes to 150 CVRT centres, its service needs to be first-class.

Glen said: “MAHA Ireland’s after-sales support is second-to-none; if we ring, the engineers come out quickly and resolve the issue. That’s the kind of customer service we expect. Time is the big factor; we have booked slots on testing. We deal with commercial customers who block time out of their day to make sure their vehicle is tested and compliant. If we have a breakdown on a piece of equipment, there’s an immediate negative effect. It’s imperative we get that support almost immediately; however, I’m also realistic and know that other MAHA customers will have the same requirements and expectations. We stick with MAHA, not just because of the quality of the equipment, but because its communication is clear, concise and accurate.”

Eoin added: “We target a 24-hour response time for any urgent equipment breakdown – depending on the workload, we could arrive same-day – but that gives both us and the customer a realistic and fair timeframe.”

Expansion means good news for M50 – and MAHA Ireland!

Given the growth in M50’s day-to-day business, and to help manage the workload and demand, the company has been investigating the possibility of expanding or upgrading the structure of its existing CVRT centre in Dublin.

Glen explained: “The most favourable option at the moment, when assessing the volume and enquiries for tests, would be to expand the current test lanes and put in an additional load lane and invest in the necessary equipment – which will be MAHA, of course!”