Madrid Fire Department selects Allison-equipped Renault Trucks in fleet renewal programme


The Madrid Fire Department has selected Allison-equipped Renault Trucks vehicles as part of a fleet renewal process. The order for 13 vehicles includes seven light urban fire trucks, two automatic aerial ladder trucks and four heavy-duty wildland fire trucks, all equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions.

The seven light urban fire trucks, with Iturri bodywork mounted on the D 2.1 240.12 4×2 FPTL chassis, are fitted with Allison 2000TM Series transmissions and feature Renault Trucks double cabs in accordance with the EN 1846 standard. These cabs have a 2-3 seat arrangement with Bostrom co-driver seats and three forward-facing rear seats. The wheelbase of just 3,150 millimetres provides an unrivalled turning radius and unbeatable manoeuvrability in urban centres.

The two automatic aerial ladder trucks, with Flomeyca bodywork mounted on the D 2.1 280.16 4×2 chassis, are equipped with Allison 3000 SeriesTM fully automatic transmissions. This model features a 3,500-millimetre wheelbase, special wide wheels on the rear axle and a maximum cab chassis width of 2,395 millimeters, making it the most compact articulated ladder truck in its class today.

The four heavy-duty wildland fire trucks, with Iturri bodywork mounted on the D 2.1 280.14 4×4 CCR chassis, are equipped with the Allison 3000R transmission with output retarder for enhanced braking and reduced brake wear. These trucks feature Renault Trucks EN 1846-compliant double cabs with a 2-3 seat arrangement, Bostrom co-driver seats and three forward-facing rear seats, in accordance with the NFX61517 standard.

Allison-equipped Renault Trucks are the choice of municipalities throughout Spain including the Guipuzcoa Provincial Council, Infoca, Sepei Cáceres, Granada City Council, the Spanish Emergency Military Unit (UME) and Tragsa (Autonomous Community of Madrid tanker trucks). They are selected for their extreme robustness and greater protection to the drivetrain, which reduces the risk of breakdowns.

“The Allison 3000 Series with retarder guarantees the performance needed to satisfy the specific requirements of rural firefighting. Above all, I would highlight the contribution of the Allison fully automatic transmission when tackling long descents or steep grades,” said Juan Antonio Sánchez, Key Account Sales Manager at Renault Trucks España.

“Renault Trucks and Allison have been working together for decades and are leaders in the industry. With so many drivers assigned to the same truck, Allison fully automatic transmissions ensure maximum vehicle performance in terms of safety, speed and maneuverability,” added Sánchez.

“It is a pleasure to work with Renault Trucks in fitting out this type of vehicle and bringing automation to the fire department. Obviously, a contract like this with the Madrid City Council reflects the fact that Allison automatic transmissions are highly valued for their great reliability, increased vehicle acceleration capacity of up to 35%, smoothness, uninterrupted power during gear shifts and total vehicle control, all of which are vital in extreme emergency situations,” said Trond Johansen, Director, European Area Sales at Allison Transmission.

A ceremony to welcome the trucks was recently held at the Caja Mágica complex and attended by José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor of Madrid; Inmaculada Sanz, Delegate for Security and Emergencies and municipal spokesperson; Loreto Sordo, Councilor for the Usera District; Javier Hernández, General Coordinator for Security and Emergencies; Enrique López, Director General for Emergencies and Civil Protection; and Rafael Ferrándiz, Chief of the Madrid Fire Department.