Make every defect count with Tranzaura & Freeway Fleet Systems


Freeway Fleet Systems and Tranzaura have formed a partnership to jointly develop a series of software integrations to improve the management of fleets. The first development involves the integration of Tranzaura’s vehicle check mobile app with Freeway’s workshop software. This allows driver walk-around inspection reports captured using a Tranzaura mobile app to be linked seamlessly to Freeway’s fleet maintenance system, eliminating paperwork and data transcription.

Using Tranzaura mobile phone app pre-service vehicle inspections are undertaken electronically. The app replaces paper-based checks which are resource intensive, costly and subject to human error. With the wireless transmission of the inspection reports to Freeway, operators have an instant view of any compliance issues such as defects allowing unplanned maintenance to be scheduled immediately.

On May 18th, Tranzaura and Freeway delivered a webinar along with Nottingham City Transport to the bus industry about ‘optimising driver and engineering defect management’ using their new integrated system.

At this webinar, Nottingham City Transport (NCT) who has already started implementation of this new project, revealed to operations and engineering professionals how this real-time digital process will future proof defect management and optimise communications between engineering and operations.

The companies also discussed the efficiencies around the new digital process and any obstacles to implementing a change management programme of this scale. During the webinar, Nottingham City Transport also reported how the improved efficiency and productivity of this project has resulted in them being able to reduce the spare fleet by 1 bus and they will achieve a payback if under 6 months.

A copy of the 50-minute webinar can be requested online here:

Whilst this driver defect and engineering defect management integration project has initially launched in the bus industry with Nottingham City Transport, it is in fact available and suitable for anyone managing a fleet and looking to make improvements using technology.

“Our partnership with Freeway has been driven by mutual customers operating bus and HGV fleets. It’s clear that integration between fleet operations and engineering represents the next frontier in the evolution of our respective systems, helping operators transform to fully digital working with complete elimination of paper and an end to inefficient data transcription,” says Shane Mann, CEO of Tranzaura.

Patrick Tandy, Managing Director of Freeway Fleet Systems adds. “The combining of driver defect reporting and maintenance management is something that is often seen as the missing link in the digitisation of fleet management. It’s seen as especially important for minimising vehicle downtime and maintaining a tight control on compliance.”