MAN delivers 125 Biogas Buses to Norwegian Operator in Bergen


    Bergen, Norway’s second largest city has just placed an order for 125 biogas powered buses. They will be operated by Tide Buss, a long-time customer of MAN. Bergen is UNESCO world heritage city and also very environmentally conscious and friendly. All of the current order of buses will meet the requirements of Euro-6D emission standards. Since 2003, MAN has supplied over 400 units to the company. Three models of the Lions’ City make up the order.

    • Lions’ City G Articulated 18m. powered by an E2876 LUH gas engine 54 Units
    • Lions’ City Solobus 12m  50 Units
    • Lions’ City L LE 14.7 m Low Floor E2876 LUH gas engine  21 Units

    All of the vehicles have extensive safety features fitted to improve passenger safety and reduce the workload of the driver. CNG is an important part of the MAN product portfolio it can offer to customers and cities looking for environmentally friendly bus options.