MAN Truck & Bus UK powers up to support 2023 British Truck Racing Championship


MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd have just confirmed their partnership support for the 2023 British Truck Racing Championship.

Commenting on the sponsorship deal Stefan Thyssen, Managing Director, MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd, said: “We’re delighted to announce our partnership with the British Truck Racing Championship. If you look around the paddock, most teams favour MAN as their preferred brand of race truck, something we’ve noticed over the years. In recently announcing the move that requires all competing teams to run on 100 percent HVO fuel, we wholeheartedly believe that the British Truck Racing scene has taken a giant step forward for both the thriving championship and importantly, motorsport in general. This move to HVO fuel is something close to our hearts as all MAN Truck engines, since the introduction of Euro 6C technology in 2017, can operate on 100% HVO or a blended mix, and in doing so can save up to 90 percent CO2.”

As the thriving British Truck Racing Championship continues to grow year on year with more teams joining the grid and more spectators lining the tracks, this amazing motorsport spectacle is now one of the biggest race categories in the UK and with the move to HVO fuel, the championship is clearly demonstrating how high horsepower motorsports can help address important topics such as sustainability and social responsibility.

Stefan added: “Through our factory in Nurnberg, and with the correct agreements in place, we can offer UK race teams a factory-prepared and fully supported race engine that can reliably produce 1200 horsepower and 5000 newton meters; at this stage, things start to get really interesting as the race trucks can accelerate faster than a Porsche 911. These high-performance engines, like those found in our MAN road-going trucks, can easily and reliably run on clean HVO fuel. In doing so we can demonstrate a real and meaningful reduction in vehicle emissions and make the necessary transition to a long-term sustainable solution, addressing important topics such as sustainability and social responsibility.”

Truck Racing hit British shores over four decades ago and through time it has delivered exhilarating thrills and spills in equal measure. With individual machines weighing in at more than five tonnes and with engines producing well in excess of 1000bhp, the sport clearly captures the imagination of racing enthusiasts. It really is a championship like no other.

MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd offers customers a range of efficient, environmentally friendly and robust vehicles, Vans from 3.0 to 5.5 tonnes, Trucks from 7.5 to 46 tonnes and Heavy Haulage vehicles with gross train weights of up to 250 tonnes, and by understanding customers’ and business partners’ needs, MAN Truck & Bus aims to be recognised as the most reliable road transport service provider.