MAN trucks helps to protect pedestrians and cyclists


Available to order now for MAN trucks: Pedestrian and cyclist detection defuses critical situations, especially for the most vulnerable road users. Traffic sign recognition, tyre pressure indicator and electronic semi-mounting aid relieve the drivers of their stressful work in the long term. The new PredictiveDrive function, the even more powerful and at the same time more fuel-efficient D26 engine since the IAA 2022, the improved aerodynamics and the new axles together save up to 6% fuel. And MAN TGL and TGM start up with the MAN PowerMatic transmission without wear and shift even more efficiently.

When making deliveries in the city, when manoeuvring in the haulage yard or in unclear crossing situations and when entering roundabouts: pedestrians or cyclists can move into the difficult-to-see area directly in front of the vehicle without the driver noticing immediately.

The new “FrontDetection” safety system effectively defuses such critical situations in urban traffic, especially for the most vulnerable road users, by detecting whether pedestrians or cyclists are in the difficult-to-see area directly in front of the vehicle in starting situations and at low speeds of up to 10 km/h and warning the driver visually and acoustically.

At the same time, the new safety function is incorporated into the warning and braking strategy of the third generation of MAN’s Emergency Brake Assist (EBA). This now detects other road users from as low as 10 km/h who are not directly in the lane ahead of the truck but could potentially cross it, warns in the event of an imminent collision and, if necessary, automatically initiates emergency braking to a standstill.

The MAN AttentionGuard attention warning system, which detects unsafe driving and warns the driver visually and acoustically, has also been updated: compared to the previous version, the further developed MAN AttentionGuard continuously evaluates the driver’s lane stability and steering interventions. In addition, the driver can now be warned without crossing the lane markings if the system detects a decline in the driver’s attention – even before the driver consciously perceives the onset of drowsiness as a restriction of his concentration.

Especially in poor visibility and at night, the distance warning system also contributes to safety on long journeys. If the driver falls below the legal minimum distance, the system warns. The display of the actual distance in metres to the vehicle in front helps to re-establish and maintain the correct distance, if the distance-controlled cruise control ACC is not activated anyway, which maintains the correct distance independently. Distance warning and ACC thus help to significantly reduce the risk of rear-end collisions, even as a preventive measure.

Quick and central access to all assistance functions is provided by a new button located on the multifunction steering wheel or in the instrument panel, depending on the equipment. Functions such as lane change and turning assistance, the MAN long-distance traffic assistant CruiseAssist or the pedestrian and cyclist detection FrontDetection can be called up easily without menu detours.

Another contribution to preventive road safety is the pre-fitting for the connection of a breathalyser, which measures the breath alcohol content and only allows the engine to be started if the driver is fit to drive. Alcohol-related accidents, which are particularly tragic because they are in principle avoidable, can thus be prevented.