Mar-Train Heavy Haulage Ltd takes delivery of a heavy-duty trailer combination from Goldhofer


Lisburn headquartered Mar-Train Heavy Haulage Ltd, a family run business established in 1978, that specialises in heavy haulage and the transportation of wind farm components throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe, has delivery of a heavy-duty trailer combination from Goldhofer.

The continued success of Mar-Train Heavy Haulage Ltd is largely due to their commitment to provide outstanding customer service. Individual solutions for challenging transportation requirements and careful attention to detail ensure a high level of customer loyalty. Over the years, Mar-Train has thus developed into one of the major players in the haulage industry for wind farm components.

For a current haulage contract in Sweden, the company has now taken delivery of a Goldhofer STHP-ET 12 (5+7) heavy-duty combination with the redesigned RA 2-110 tower clamp system and free-turning device. Together with the recently acquired »BLADES« combinations, this ensures that rapid progress can be made on the project.