Martin Ryan Haulage Drives Sustainable Fleet Maintenance with AMCS

Pictured (l-r): Brendan Ryan (Director, Martin Ryan Haulage), Jim Dawson (Operations Manager, Martin Ryan Haulage), Tony Dunne (Sales Director, AMCS), John Davis (Head of Delivery, AMCS), Adrian Pollard (Senior Product Owner, AMCS)

*Leading transport, logistics, and storage firm embraces AMCS Group’s advanced sustainability solutions to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact

AMCS, a global leader of sustainability software for foundational industries, is pleased to announce the implementation of AMCS Group’s advanced Fleet Maintenance solution. The partnership with AMCS highlights Martin Ryan Haulage’s dedication to both operational success and sustainability, by utilising solutions that improve fleet efficiency, streamline maintenance processes, enriches the customer experience, upholds the highest safety standards, and minimises environmental impact.

Before partnering with AMCS, Martin Ryan Haulage utilised a legacy product that increasingly couldn’t keep up with their needs. The adoption of AMCS Group’s advanced Fleet Maintenance software marks a significant milestone in Martin Ryan Haulage’s sustainability journey. With AMCS Fleet Maintenance, the company can now leverage predictive maintenance algorithms and real-time monitoring capabilities enabling Martin Ryan Haulage to reduce fuel consumption, emissions, and waste associated with vehicle maintenance. Now Martin Ryan Haulage can proactively manage their vehicle maintenance needs while minimising downtime and ensuring vehicle roadworthiness, compliance, and safety.

“Modernising our fleet maintenance operations was paramount, driving our decision to partner with AMCS,” explained Jim Dawson, Operations Manager at Martin Ryan Haulage. “At Martin Ryan Haulage, we’re committed to exceptional service and environmental stewardship, prioritising reliable, efficient maintenance. With AMCS Fleet Maintenance, we’re now equipped to enhance our efficiency, while reducing our carbon footprint. Quite simply, it’s an all-around win: better service for customers, a reduction of costs and waste, improved profitability, and a much greener approach overall.”

Key features of AMCS Group’s Fleet Maintenance software that Martin Ryan Haulage can fully leverage include:

  • Predictive Maintenance: Leveraging data analytics and machine learning algorithms to anticipate maintenance needs before they arise, minimising the risk of unexpected breakdowns and maximising vehicle uptime.
  • Fleet Asset Management: Managing the complete life-cycle, cost, and health of not just an organization’s fleet but any asset type. This allows Martin Ryan Haulage to create different checklists for all the different types of assets such as trucks, vans, curtain siders, rolling floor, bulk tanks, fridge units and more. Even the warranty of any asset can be tracked. The solution also provides reliable and scalable parts room management as well.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Providing fleet managers and transportation planners with instant visibility into the health and performance of their vehicles, allowing for timely interventions and proactive maintenance scheduling.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Generating detailed reports and insights on maintenance activities, costs, and performance metrics to inform strategic decision-making and drive continuous improvement. For example, Martin Ryan Haulage management receive accurate and itemised shop floor cost reports easily with AMCS.
  • Automation & Mobile: Automation of several key areas of fleet maintenance including automation of service interval maintenance schedules, as well as automation of oil change service schedules. Also, with full mobile capabilities, everyone with authorized permission can access AMCS from any internet-connected browsers or mobile device.
  • Integration Capabilities: A seamless integration with Telematics will drive the accurate and timely scheduling of servicing. Integration with Transport Planning Systems allows for greater transparency between Logistics and Fleet Maintenance while accurate data on parts and labour usage can be integrated with financial systems to allow for exact journalled entries and visible costs for fleet maintenance.

By implementing the AMCS Group’s Fleet Maintenance software, Martin Ryan Haulage aims to not only achieve greater operational efficiency, but extend the lifespan of its assets, and uphold its commitment to safety and reliability.

Pictured (l-r): Brendan Ryan (Director, Martin Ryan Haulage), Jim Dawson (Operations Manager, Martin Ryan Haulage), Tony Dunne (Sales Director, AMCS), John Davis (Head of Delivery, AMCS), Adrian Pollard (Senior Product Owner, AMCS)