Maxol roll out of hvoPRO, its low emissions Biodiesel


*8 sites and 30% of Maxol’s lubricants fleet kick-started the initiative

As part of its greener vehicle mobility strategy, Maxol has announced the introduction of HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), a second-generation biofuel, to selected forecourts nationwide.

Produced from renewable feedstocks, including non-food grade vegetable oils, used cooking oils, and residue fat fractions, Maxol hvoPRO reduces carbon emissions by up to 90% compared to regular diesel.

Starting in early April, eight sites across Ireland’s leading, family-owned forecourt and convenience retailer, now offer Maxol hvoPRO, a more eco-friendly, low carbon emissions fuel: M3 Mulhuddart and Turvey in Dublin, Coolshannagh in Monaghan and in Northern Ireland – Mallusk, Townparks in Antrim, Eglinton in Derry, Ballymore in West Belfast and Tannaghmore on the A26 from Antrim to Ballymena, with additional sites to be added later this year.

Brian Donaldson, CEO of The Maxol Group said: “Maxol hvoPRO underlines our commitment to customer choice and is a key element of our strategy to be a leading provider of greener fuels in Ireland. We are hugely focused on mobility innovation, and this includes providing lower emission fuels and EV charging solutions for our private motorists, fleet and Fuel Card customers.”

Maxol hvoPRO is produced through a hydro-treating process, similar to the production of regular biodiesel. But unlike traditional biodiesel, HVO undergoes a hydrogenation process, which significantly improves its quality and performance characteristics. No engine modifications are required and Maxol hvoPRO is compatible with most newer diesel engine vehicles.

Maxol aims to have 30% of its fleet running on Maxol hvoPRO by the end of May, with plans to increase that to 50% by early 2025. This move aligns with Maxol’s mission to reduce its carbon footprint across various aspects of the business.

Maxol hvoPRO, derived from waste products that meet international sustainability and carbon standards, aligns with Maxol’s commitment to cleaner fuel alternatives. It complements the Maxol Premium Fuel range and follows the recent launch of Maxol Recharge in Newbridge Kildare, the company’s first Ultra Rapid EV hub in the Republic of Ireland. This cutting-edge hub boasts six high-speed 200 kW chargers, enabling a rapid 15-minute charge time.

  • Engine Compatibility: Most Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS) approve HVOfor use in modern diesel engines (Euro 5 & 6).
  • AdBlue Compatibility: AdBlue remains essential when using MaxolhvoPRO.
  • Performance and Reliability: MaxolhvoPRO performs optimally in diesel engines without requiring modifications.
  • Quality Standard: MaxolhvoPRO adheres to EN 15940:2016, a stringent quality standard similar to EN 590. Notably, Maxol hvoPRO has better cold flow properties than regular diesel.
  • Storage: MaxolhvoPRO requires no special storage; it shares chemical components with diesel.