MAXUS provides pure Electric Van experience at Commercial Vehicle Show 2021


*400% increase in sales, with EV sales registrations accounting for 54%

For the first time ever, the CV Show showcased all-electric LCV stands, with MAXUS one of the manufacturers delivering zero-emissions experience for visitors, featuring its new platform e DELIVER 3 and the larger e DELIVER 9 models.

A key highlight of this years show was that visitors could check out nine MAXUS EV variants including an e DELIVER 3 with fridge-unit and EV SWB Dropside (52.5kWh) in advance of the launch of the all-new e DELIVER 3 long wheelbase chassis, which will be available in the UK and Ireland in Q1 2022.

The e DELIVER 9 – Several e DELIVER 9 variants were available to view.  Launched in June 2020, the e DELIVER 9 illustrates MAXUSfocus on innovation, customisation, and greener motoring. Available in two size options, this van offers a remarkable range, clocking up to 219 miles on a single charge and operating with a high power 150KW low energy motor. The all-new platform vehicle offers three battery options – 51.5 Kwh, 72 Kwh and 88.55 Kwh (LH) with various battery cooling methods, which reduce charging time (DC 45mins 5%-80%), as well as extending battery life and increasing the operating range.

The e DELIVER 3 – The e DELIVER 3, designed from the ground-up for electric power only, is a small van with a big range – up to 210 miles on a single charge. With a 92KW motor, there is a battery option latest generation 52.5kWh. Using a DC rapid charger can top up the batteries to 80% in as little as 40 minutes. Available in a number of variants and wheelbase options, the e DELIVER 3 is a versatile vehicle that suits a wide range of business needs. This years CV Show display featured a customised refrigerated unit (52.5 kWh), which is proving hugely popular among customers in the grocery and pharmaceutical sectors.

Speaking at the CV Show to Fleet Transport, Mark Barrett, General Manager of Harris MAXUS said: EVs are a common sight on our roads today, which is why MAXUS decided to exclusively showcase a purely electric fleet at this years CV Show. Over 54% of MAXUS sales so far this year are electric and with all eyes firmly on the future of motoring, we wanted to give people the option to explore what electric driving might mean for them during a visit to our stand. At MAXUS dealerships, we provide business owners and fleet managers with a realistic evaluation of where they are on their journey to greener motoring and what they need to do next. We wanted to bring this service to the CV Show too, so that people can equip themselves with the right information for their business – some may be ready to make the switch, others may need to put policies and infrastructure in place before making the move and MAXUS provides a step-by-step guide to ensure that move is as seamless as possible.”

MAXUS has had its best year ever thanks to several significant fleet deals and is currently forecasting a 400% increase in sales in the UK by the end of 2021 (v 2020). EVs currently account for over 54% of all sales registrations, copper fastening MAXUS position as a leader in the commercial electric vehicle sector.

Businesses, primarily in the grocery, retail, pharmaceutical and delivery sectors, have been seeking out MAXUS for a new suite of vehicles in recent months. These deals, and the many other business enquiries that MAXUS has received in recent months is proof that businesses large and small are getting serious about going electric.

One such deal came in the shape of VMS Fleet Management, a leading fleet services group providing refrigeration, fleet management, contract hire, accident management and specialist vehicle hire nationwide. The order of 1,000 commercial vehicles is deemed one of the biggest deals struck by MAXUS in the UK to date. Significantly, 60 per cent of all MAXUS vehicles purchased by VMS are from MAXUSEV range with 500 e DELIVER 3s and 150 e DELIVER 9s joining the VMS fleet since September 2020.

DPD also struck a deal with MAXUS this year, which saw the delivery company purchase 750 fully electric commercial vehicles from the stable of the renowned Chinese-manufactured motoring brand. The purchase of 500 e DELIVER 9s and 250 e DELIVER 3s saw DPD double its fleet of electric vehicles in the UK, increasing to almost 1,500 carbon-neutral vehicles.

Milk & More has also expanded its fleet of EVs over the past number of months with the purchase of 100 electric vehicles from MAXUS. This will be the third deal that Milk & More has agreed with MAXUS since 2019, bringing the total number of MAXUS vehicles in its EV fleet to 359. As one of the largest co-op delivery services in the UK, Milk & More has pledged to reduce its carbon footprint and that of its customers both through its delivery fleet and product options.

Later this year MAXUS will introduce another variant to the e DELIVER 9 family in the form of a short wheelbase LCV. While the variant didnt make an appearance at CV Show, it will be available to order from Q4 2021.

2022 will see MAXUS build even further on its great range of commercial vehicles with the launch of a seven-seater combi van. Work is also underway to test the market feasibility for a MAXUS Intelligent Flexible Architecture (MIFA) platform seven-seater, fully electric MPV. Mark Barrett confirmed that MIFA would enable EV to be used across the MAXUS range to suit various applications including SUV and MPV.

MAXUS is also exploring the feasibility of introducing a mid-sized pick-up truck, the ET90, to the market.  Other vehicles currently being considered for right hand drive markets include an EV mini bus, a range of medium to heavy duty track including an EV tractor unit, which would move the brand beyond the LCV sector and into heavy duty vehicles.