Mick McCarthy headlines Association of Professional Motoring Press Media Breakfast

Association of Professional Motoring Press Media Breakfast

Ireland’s newly appointed soccer manager Mick McCarthy was the guest speaker at the inaugural Association of Professional Motoring Press (APMP) Irish Motor Media Breakfast, which took place on 21 January 2019, where marketing and public relations personnel from the Irish motoring industry were invited along for an informal gathering, at the newly completed state-of-the-art Harris Group commercial vehicle showrooms on the Naas Road, Dublin.

As 2019 automotive industry kicks into full swing, APMP took the opportunity to sit down with colleagues and friends to discuss the year ahead. This event also allowed the Harris Group the unique opportunity to showcase its newly completed showrooms to the greater Irish motor industry.

Speaking as the event Denise Harris, CEO of the Harris Group commented: “For me this APMP Media Breakfast has taken on a particularly personal dimension. As CEO of the Harris Group, it is my intention to carry forward the baton held for so long by my late husband, Pino. I am very proud to be working with so many dedicated, committed and passionate men and women both within our Harris family and in the broader industry family. Because this industry is a very special family. I hope that we will meet more often, share more information and more tables in the years ahead.”

Bob Flavin, Chairman of the APMP also addressed the gathering:  “Its the job of a journalist to digest and learn all there is to know about a subject and then pass that information on to the public in a way that’s understandable. In a time where information is always shifting and moving, we rely on press releases and marketing communications to gather that knowledge that’s why it’s important to meet everyone and talk face to face. The APMP will continue to deliver the information to the car and commercial vehicle buyers of Ireland with our unique voice and knowledgeable membership.”

Guest of honour, Mick McCarthy, was pleased to have the opportunity to talk cars and football, two things which he is passionate about. As he embarks on the newest chapter of managing the Irish soccer team, Mick took time out of his hectic schedule to meet and speak with the attendees. Having fond memories of his first car, a Mini Clubman and progressing to a Ferrari 458, he has had many different types in between: “I am a serious motoring enthusiast and am delighted to talk to those who provide and those who write about the cars of tomorrow. I’ve always loved cars and driving and look forward to seeing and reading about all your new offerings in 2019,” he said.

“As we face into a somewhat uncertain few months ahead, given the lack of progress with Brexit, the APMP is determined to ensure that the Irish motoring public remain informed as to what is available to them throughout the market. The APMP and its membership strive to continue to provide a professional and impartial view on all the vehicles they assess and drive and hope that potential buyers benefit from their expertise,” concluded Bob.

Photo: Leah Carroll