Mobile pallet to increase efficiencies at convenience stores


A new era of efficient shop floor replenishment is just around the corner if the UK & Ireland’s 46,000+ Convenience stores adopt an innovative pre-filled mobile pallet ‘Dolly’ as their display solution of choice.

Figures released by CHEP UK & Ireland reveal that the use of the ‘Dolly’ in every convenience store and display would yield an additional 600,000 staff hours onto shop floors every year. These staff hours are currently tied-up in ‘pack-by-pack’ display replenishment or using equipment, like pump-trucks, to manoeuvre stock around the shop floor, which means that the Dolly will have a positive impact in the efficiency of the shop floors processes.

Commenting on the initiative, Sean Field, CHEP UK & Ireland, Store Solutions Category Manager, said: “As pioneers of new innovations and technologies to reduce inefficiency in the supply chain, we believe the concept of small, wheeled and robust quarter pallet display is simple but incredibly effective. The consumer shift towards ‘little and often’ shops put unprecedented pressure on Convenience stores. Limited space in-store for full-size cages, minimising costs and staff overheads, and keeping promotional products on display throughout the day are all challenges that all levels of management must grapple with. Together with retailers and manufacturers, we have observed the impact of the ‘Dolly’ and the result is more staff time released into frontline tasks, like checkout availability, in addition to maintaining promotional stock levels on the shop floor.”

The ‘Dolly’ also has a positive impact with wholesalers of supplies to UK and Ireland’s convenience store sector. Henderson Wholesale, suppliers for Spar and Vivo stores, were early adopters of the ‘Dolly’.

Alan Abraham, Logistics Manager at Henderson Wholesale, said: “The CHEP ‘Dolly’ does fit within the philosophy of where we’re going with our future supply chain. It allows for inefficient processes to be removed, reduced or eliminated. The manoeuvrability of the ‘Dolly’ and ability to roll the unit from stock room to shop floor generates instant dividends. For example, it can take up to half an hour for a single staff member to stack large soft drink bottles. The ‘Dolly’ can be deployed in moment.”