More Information & Advice from the Health & Safety Authority


Staying safe is not complicated, however it’s best to be careful and follow procedures and guidance from bodies such as the Health & Safety Authority (HSA), which is continually providing advice and updating help pages and website with useful information for truck and bus operators. 

Two additional resources for employers and workers:

  1. An information poster on the Lead Worker Representative located here Templates Checklists and Posters
  2. HSA podcast (hosted on sound cloud) about managing stress returning to work:

Make sure vehicles, drivers and workplaces are in safe and in a fit condition at the start of every shift and to be mindful of changes in both road and workplace environments as we all re-emerge from lockdown.


  • More people interacting with staff, so protection measures need to be in place and working effectively
  • Remind staff of social distancing and hygiene requirements on a daily basis
  • Watch out for changes that may have happened since workplaces were last visited, and ongoing adaptations through the phases of reopening.

More signs to take account of:

  • Revised parking and set down areas
  • Queues of people and vehicles in locations not seen before
  • Increased traffic on entry to and exit from  premises
  • More pedestrians and cyclists of all ages out and about.
  • With increased traffic; vulnerable road users

On the road

  • More traffic of all kinds
  • More pedestrians and cyclists of all ages
  • Remind staff to watch out for vulnerable road users stepping out onto the road to observe social distancing
  • More traffic queues at busy retail locations that have recently reopened, so caution staff to expect delays in some areas
  • Changes to road layouts in some urban areas to accommodate increased numbers of pedestrians and cyclists
  • Temperatures are rising, so remind staff to drink fluids and take scheduled breaks
  • Weather is changeable at the moment, with rain expected, so remind staff how to drive safely in rainy conditions.