New 8-speed automatic transmission for latest Fiat Ducato: Offering more comfort, driving pleasure & efficiency


FIAT Professional debuts the AT8 model, a new transmission showcasing the Brand’s commitment to product enhancement and delivering an increasingly satisfying experience for its customers. Designed as an 8-speed automatic transmission, the AT8 is slated for use in the New Ducato, including its Camper variant.
One of the standout features of the AT8 is its notable reduction in CO2 emissions lowered by 10% compared to the current automatic version, attributed to the installation of a more balanced, efficient, and much more controlled torque.

Moreover, these new components are at the heart of the overall driving experience, notable for its enhanced comfort that is now defined by improved shift times, quality, and control. All these characteristics are derived from the new clutches, resulting in more efficient drivability due to the optimized torque, up to the best-in-class 450 Nm torque for a front wheel-drive large van on the 180 Multijet 4.0 engine.
Another significant innovation is provided by a hydraulic accumulator, a key component in the support of transmission shifts, that manages to increase the proficiency of the output by enabling a faster response time, alongside with refinement during Engine Stop Start.

The new AT8 will also be offered for the Ducato Camper, which will benefit from this significant transmission improvement. This underscores FIAT Professional’s consistent dedication to catering to diverse clientele, ensuring production that consistently meets varied needs. The transmission is suitable for Motorhomes up to 5-ton GVW, with an increase of over 600 kg compared to previous models and a total weight including towing of 6.5 tons. This places the New Ducato and FIAT Professional as standout choices in the market.

The introduction of the AT8 serves as the crowning achievement for FIAT Professional, complementing a range of attributes that have long established the Brand as a global leader in offering quality and commitment since its birth. The anticipated CO2 reduction accompanying the launch of the AT8 was already factored into the creation process of the New Ducato, thanks to its aerodynamic enhancements.

This further underscores FIAT Professional’s commitment to versatility, catering to a diverse array of demands and providing a wide range of customized solutions. This capability was previously demonstrated with the creation of the New Ducato, designed to seamlessly transition between professional and leisure use. With a singular focus on enhancing practicality and improving the work lives of professionals, FIAT Professional introduced features such as the “Eat&Work” seat bench, an electric autonomy of up to 420 km, best in class, and the ability to fast charge to 80% in just 55 minutes. The introduction of the new 8-speed automatic transmission enhances FIAT Professional’s already comprehensive offerings with a fresh lineup of innovative solutions.