New additions to Gist’s fleet feature Gray & Adams trailers with BPW running gear


A further 21 trailers are being added to the Gist fleet of over 600 Gray & Adams temperature controlled trailers, all of which have been specified with BPW running gear.

Gist’s fleet has featured Gray & Adams trailers and BPW running gear for over 20 years. It continues to specify BPW equipment for its proven low maintenance and reliability features. A further contributing factor of the partnership is the support offered by both BPW and Gray & Adams.

It therefore seemed logical to remain with BPW when deciding on a telematics system. In choosing BPW’s idem telematics, Gist saw the potential of an all-encompassing telematics solution, i.e. one system monitoring track and trace, fridge temperature / fridge fuel data and tyre pressure monitoring.

With Gist’s focus on end-to-end visibility, BPW’s idem telematics has, of course, been standard fit for the last three years.

Sam de Beaux, Engineering Director, Gist Limited said, “Where we were previously reliant on visual and manual checks, the system gives us access to real-time data for an overview of the fleet’s status. Through the notification alerts, we have been able to quickly target problems both en route and prior to dispatch from the Gist sites, which safeguards against preventable breakdowns. The system has helped maintain Gist’s reputation as an extremely reliable supply chain operator, delivering goods, not only in pristine condition, but also in the smallest delivery windows in the industry. It has also reduced vehicle downtime and the risk of DVSA infringements for the business.”