New Corporate Identity at Sentinel


On its first anniversary under new ownership at Sentinel Systems, the long established commercial vehicle safety company has launched a brand new image and identity.

With distinctive colours of orange and black the new logo style carries the strapline ‘Specialists in Vehicle Safety’ reflecting the changing direction of the company which pioneered commercial vehicle reversing safety systems in 1986.

Sentinel MD, John Little explained: “While the company still offers reversing systems, these are greatly enhanced from the early days and now use radar or ultrasonic sensor technology. But today the most popular products are camera and recording systems so we wanted our new identity to show that our real focus is on overall vehicle safety.”

Demand for Sentinel Systems products continues apace with the company increasing its staffing by 25% through the recruitment of additional service engineers, procurement and management staff. The lifeblood of any company is innovation and it is this which will underpin future growth at Sentinel Systems.  It’s the development of telematics – the integration of telecomms and data – for vehicle operator end users that Sentinel is very much involved with. Here it is expanding its fleet management software for enhancement of encrypted data analytics and offers host companies video footage in the cloud. This will mean that Sentinel can warn and interact with its customers giving them a ‘Live View’ at all times.

Sentinel Systems’ hosting is now on cloud based Microsoft Azure, giving evidence of live video, with instant uploads available to review on the platform at any time. “These are all very exciting developments designed to give our customers much greater control of information from vehicle camera systems. We are also trialing a new camera tracking platform shared by Sentinel and a vehicle operator which gives faster integration of information – we would be delighted to hear from any tracker companies who would also like to integrate with us,” added Jim.

Other developments underway at Sentinel are enhancements of its award-winning Bike Hotspot system. Here an audible warning, heard by cyclist and driver, overlays onto the monitor illustrating to the driver which sensor has produced the warning and how far away the cyclist is from the vehicle. For Sentinel Systems, growth and development won’t stop at road vehicle operators. Plans are afoot to explore and expand opportunities for its safety systems in industrial plant areas, such as forklifts, mining and quarrying vehicles.

Sentinel prides itself in its customer service and high quality products, which has led to an exceptional number of returning customers who opt to install its products on new fleet additions. The company works closely with each of its customers to determine the right safety solution for the vehicles, taking into consideration the daily challenges faced by the drivers. Sentinel develops and improves on its products to meet the current demands of fleet operations, especially as more cyclists, pedestrians and smaller vehicle drivers are taking to the roads.

As one of the leaders in commercial vehicle safety and camera solutions, Sentinel Systems has over 30 years of experience in creating and supplying safety systems to leading companies in many sectors, including the major logistic fleets, supermarkets, refuse disposal, bulk tankers, courier vans, buses, trailer builders and motorised caravan manufacturers.

The company’s most popular products include its Bike Hotspot system, designed to detect cyclists riding up the nearside of commercial vehicles, which won innovation awards on its launch; its 360° SurroundView camera solutions; and radar and ultrasonic derivatives of its patented Safetystop reversing systems, which are offered with autobraking or LED alerter options. Sentinel Systems also offers a breadth of camera and recording solutions which are proving to be increasingly popular in combatting vehicle fraud and crash-for-cash claims, as well as helping operators with driver training and, most important of all, helping them protect vulnerable road users.

Their solutions range from standard reversing cameras with in-cab monitors through to sophisticated multi-camera systems. All are available with up to 50 days’ recording, combining high-resolution images with intuitive video analysis software and the opportunity to monitor vehicle operations remotely.