New electric vans for Michelin Services & Solutions reinforces its environmental commitments


Michelin has completed the first phase of its electric vehicle (EV) transition programme in the van fleet operated by its Services and Solutions division in the UK, after taking delivery of 17 Vauxhall Combo vans.

The electric vans, supplied on a four-year lease and featuring distinctive Michelin livery showcasing its sustainability commitments, are part of ambitious plans to move the division’s 54-strong fleet to electric by 2026.

Alastair Cameron, National Operations Manager – Services and Solutions at Michelin, says: “The introduction of electric vans is an important milestone for our division and aligns with Michelin’s whole environmental ethos as we constantly strive to reduce our CO2 emissions.

“Deployed on the passenger transport side of the business, the electric vans will be used by our tyre technicians who visit multiple sites every day, but who are classed as low-mileage city drivers.”

Cameron says drivers of the vans, which offer a range of up to 175 miles, will be “our ambassadors for the transition to EVs, encouraging colleagues to join the programme”, which will be expanded next year.

Drivers will be given an electric fuel card for business mileage, whilst the Services and Solutions division has put in place a system for them to efficiently reclaim home charging costs.

MICHELIN Connected Fleet last year helped parent company Michelin to cut harsh driving events across the Services and Solutions’ van fleet, reducing fuel costs by improving driver behaviour. Its EV transition tools have been used to smooth the switch from diesel to electric, with a focus on drivers’ ability to home charge, plus assessment of battery range issues.

“With the Connected Fleet tools, we now have the ability to monitor how our electric vans are being utilised in terms of charging, so we can carefully manage the battery life and range and advise our drivers accordingly,” Cameron adds.

The  Vauxhall Combo electric vans each have a high-energy density 50kWh 18-module battery that can charge from empty up to 80 per cent of maximum range in less than 30 minutes using a 100kW fast charger.  The battery can also be fully charged at home in just 7.5 hours using a home wallbox.

Michelin Services and Solutions is taking steps to further improve driver safety in the Vauxhall Combo vans by installing the same fleet management technologies it deploys for end-user fleets, including forward and rear-facing cameras.