New EU Tachograph Regulation for Border Crossings


From February 2, 2022, from the first break after the border of a Member
State, it becomes mandatory to enter or report the country code on the
Digital Tachograph.

The procedure introduced by the Mobility Package aims to make it possible to control cabotage operations (the 7-day period). This additional information entry does not dispense with the need to validate the country at the end of service.


Unless otherwise indicated on more recent devices, to select the country,
in the menu go to Places, then Places of arrival and then enter the country arrived in.

When crossing a border takes place on board a ferry or a train, the driver introduces the symbol of the country in the port or in the station of arrival. No derogation is provided for, even for cross-border shuttles.

Driving a vehicle with a paper disc does not exempt a driver from this obligation. As the front of the disc is reserved for the start and end locations. The countries Arrived in can be indicated on the back.