New from Patrick W Dyer Books – Volvo F10, F12 & F16 1983-93 at Work – By Patrick W Dyer


It takes commitment to take a new approach to a winning formula but that is just what author Patrick W Dyer has done with his imminent release, Volvo F10, F12 & F16 1983-93 at Work. By undertaking the whole start-to-finish process alone, he has created an entirely self-published title under his own imprint, and already it’s an exceptional success.

With its predecessor published in 2017, the book is something of a rebirth for the series while also being the last chapter of the legendry Volvo F-trucks story. Patrick has chosen an emotive subject with which to begin his self-publishing career since a Volvo F88 was the first truck with which the author, as a ten year old enthusiast, was able to get close and personal. Piloted by his brother-in-law, that truck made a lasting impression and can be credited with inspiring Patrick’s first book, Volvo F88 & F89 ‘at work’, published in 2005 by Gingerfold.

With a move to Old Pond Publishing, more titles followed, along with a reworked and updated Volvo F88 & F89 ‘at work’ and an increasing and devoted readership. 2013 saw the publication of Volvo F10 & F12 1977-83 ‘at work’ as the sixth book under Old Pond. This title covered what is affectionately referred to now as the ‘flat-top’ F10 and F12 as well as the ground breaking Globetrotter.

Fast forward to 2021, three more titles have been added to the collection and the time was right for Patrick to self-publish for the first time. What better way than to complete the story in celebration of Volvo’s F-trucks.

With his characteristic attention to detail, Patrick has gone to great lengths to produce this new release to the specification of the Old Pond originals. This means the same level of content, the same high grade paper and finish and even printing in the same plant.

Patrick reunited past colleagues and old friends from the original Old Pond team, including the designer, to ensure the new book sits comfortably alongside its sister titles with only the publisher’s mark to tell the difference.

Starting with the significantly redeveloped High-line trucks launched in 1983, the book charts the ongoing development of the F10 and F12 through the following years to the introduction of the F16 and the ‘Volvo Power’ F10 and F12 models in 1987. Detail changes and developments, such as EDC and Geartronic, which occurred up to the introduction of the FH range are also documented.

This hardback book is lavishly illustrated with over 200 period photographs from the Volvo Historic Archive, transport companies and dedicated enthusiasts, all supported by knowledgeable introductions and detailed captions in the author’s familiar and easy style.

An evocative and informative journey through the landmark F-trucks which set a new standard in a changing world.

Volvo F10, F12 & F16 1983-93 at Work : Limited print run – 1,500 copies
Only available from – Price £25.00 + £3.50 P&P

*Patrick advises that it would probably be cheaper for those in the EU to purchase via Willem Kuyper’s