New Opel Movano: High Safety, Versatility & Fully Connected

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  • Safety first: blind-spot warning, “Rear Vision” camera, side-wind assist, lane-departure warning
  • Fully connected: Navi 50 IntelliLink Pro with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • For every purpose: four lengths, three heights and more than 150 variants ex works
  • Mobile office: Clever storage such as FlexTray glovebox
  • Good looking: Typical Opel-face with headlamp-integrated LED daylight running lamps
  • All new: Opel LCV fleet youngest on market with Movano, Vivaro and Combo Cargo

The new Opel Movano is more modern and more user-friendly than ever before. The new front design clearly identifies the Movano as a member of the Opel family. Numerous assistance systems and technologies make life at work safer and more pleasant. These include a “Rear Vision” Camera system, so that the driver always has a good view to the rear. Features such as Blind Spot Alert and Lane Departure Warning also increase the safety of other road users. Then comes an excellent connectivity and infotainment offer that is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and also includes a fast-reacting 7.0-inch touchscreen. Smartphones can be charged wirelessly. The Movano is the big LCV in Opel’s portfolio. Together with the new Vivaro and Combo Cargo, the German brand has the youngest LCV fleet on the market.

The cockpit of the new Movano is laid out like a modern mobile office. With a total of 22 storage compartments and spaces there is lots of room for everything needed on a daily basis. Clever designs such as the FlexTray glovebox with up to 10.5 litres capacity, which can be opened like a drawer, make life even easier. The air-sprung seat ensures that the driver always travels in comfort.

As before, the new Movano panel van is available in four lengths and three heights, with up to 4.5 tonnes maximum gross vehicle weight and 17 cubic metres of cargo volume. A total of 150 different body and conversion variants are offered ex works. Depending on the variant, the Movano can transport up to five euro pallets. This means that there is a Movano for almost every need. Thanks to new handles on the side-walls and LED lighting, the cargo compartment is now even more useable.

“The new Opel Movano is the perfect work-mate and ideal for drivers who use it for commercial purposes. That is why our developers focused on further optimisation of the vehicle as a highly efficient overall package. This is apparent in its numerous assistance systems and technologies, as well as in the improved ergonomics and storage areas,” said Opel LCV Group Manager, Tobias Stöver. “With the Movano, we continue to consistently implement our LCV growth strategy. Together with the recently presented Vivaro and the successfully launched Combo Cargo, we will offer the youngest LCV portfolio on the market, positioning ourselves stronger still as the dependable German LCV brand for all”

The new Movano is clearly identified by its face. The new front features a large, deeply positioned grille, with the Opel lightning-flash logo placed prominently in the middle. The characteristic winglets flow from the logo into the LED daylight running lights integrated in the headlamps. The new Movano is thus clearly recognisable as a member of the Opel family.

With around 170,000 units sold so far, the Movano is a bestseller in the E-van market segment. It was regularly among the top ten in its class for the last two years. With 20,000 to 25,000 units per year, Movano sales have grown by up to 40 percent compared with 2013. The new, more powerful, more efficient and more practical Movano underlines the importance of Opel’s LCV growth strategy, which is part of the PACE! strategic plan for achieving sustainable profitability.

High safety: side-wind assist, blind spot warning, rear vision camera

Numerous driver assistance systems, which are available for the first time on the Movano and not offered by the competition, make driving more relaxing and above all safer. Optimum all-round visibility is provided by the Blind Spot Warnings and a “Rear Vision” Camera system. As already offered on the Combo, a special camera in the Movano shows the driver what is going on behind while the vehicle is in motion; on panel van versions with a bulkhead between cockpit and cargo compartment, drivers no longer need to rely only on the exterior mirrors. The image is displayed on the 7.0-inch screen. If the driver selects reverse, this camera switches off and is replaced by the camera for reversing. The new camera system will be available with front and rear parking sensors as part of the “Easy Park & Sight” pack.

The Blind Spot Warning prevents accidents with other road users, for example with cyclists. Moving objects, such as bicycles or motor bikes, which the driver normally cannot see from the cockpit, are recognised by ultrasonic sensors. If they detect something in the blind spot, an LED warning lights up in the corresponding exterior mirror. The warning starts flashing if the driver then activates the indicator on this side.

The Lane Departure Warning is activated at speeds higher than 30km/h. If the Movano leaves the lane unintentionally, the system gives an acoustic alarm and shows a warning in the info display. Front and rear sensors make parking easier. When manoeuvring at speeds less than 12 km/h, ultrasonic sensors alert the driver to obstacles in front of and behind the vehicle via acoustic signals and a warning in the driver info display. If a multimedia system is installed, a view of the area behind the vehicle is displayed on the 7.0-inch screen.

The Side-Wind Assistant is another important system in the new Movano. Large vehicles such as transporters or panel vans are vulnerable to side winds, especially on bridges. In such conditions, the standard Side-Wind Assistant keeps the vehicle under control by activating the ESP (the driver is informed by a wind-symbol in the info display). The new Movano’s standard equipment also includes automatic windscreen wipers and automatic dipped-beam headlights.

The numerous assistance systems in the new Movano further increase the safety of the crew. The multi-adjustable seats add comfort, helping the Movano driver to leave the cockpit feeling relaxed after a long drive. The optional comfort seats for driver and co-driver offer adjustable lumbar support. If the Movano is frequently driven on bumpy surfaces, drivers will appreciate the air-cushioned driver’s seat. The driver can adjust the cushioning to their personal preferences.

Wide choice: A Movano for all reasons

More than 150 versions of the Movano are available ex works – from panel vans, chassis and platform cabs, people carriers, to dropside, tipper and box body conversions. The Movano panel vans are available with up to 4.38m of load length, up to 2.14m of load height, and up to 17m3 of cargo volume. Depending on the model variant, gross vehicle weight reaches 4.5 tonnes; maximum payload is 2.4 tonnes. The Movano is also an excellent towing vehicle – it can pull up to 3.5 tonnes.

Opel wants to make life easier and more pleasant for its customers. The new Movano therefore offers several features that make it easier to use the cargo compartment. There are new handles on the B and D pillars for safer entry and exit, while LED lighting improves visibility in the rear of the panel van. The sliding side-door is big enough for loading a euro pallet. Depending on the version, the cargo compartment can hold up to five euro pallets.

Connected workstation on wheels: the modern mobile office

The further developed cockpit resembles a modern workspace. The new Movano offers 22 optional storage areas totalling 104 litres of additional space. There are ergonomically positioned compartments with and without lids; including the door pockets. The passenger-side FlexTray glovebox, which pulls out like a drawer, is especially practical. It holds up to 10.5 litres. A4 documentation can be stowed here, unfolded.

The display for the infotainment system and navigation is optimally integrated in the newly designed instrument panel. The Navi 50 IntelliLink Pro makes its premiere in the new Movano. The further developed system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and thus offers excellent connectivity. It is faster than its predecessor, with a capacitive, 7.0-inch touchscreen, which also makes it comfortable to operate. Smartphones are connected via Bluetooth or USB. Wireless charging is also new to the Movano.