Nissan calls on State agencies to follow ESB lead in going green with e-NV200

ESB's 50 New EV's.rPhoto Chris Bellew /Fennell Photography Copyright 2019

From yellow to green!Nissan is encouraging all State agencies to reassess their green credentials and to follow in the footsteps of the ESB which has begun to decarbonise its yellow van fleet by purchasing 70 Nissan e-NV200 fully electric vehicles.

“We are delighted that the ESB has made the Nissan e-NV200 their vehicle of choice having fully examined how best to reduce its carbon footprint without compromising on daily range or load capacities,” said James McCarthy, CEO of Nissan Ireland.

“The public sector has a critical role to play in helping Ireland to reduce its carbon emissions, to improve air quality and to protect our environment. The ESB has led by example and demonstrated why Nissan is the ideal partner on the road to more sustainable driving. Nissan is absolutely committed to becoming a more sustainable business and to continuing to reduce our carbon footprint. We have proven what can be done and we have the  experience, expertise and the vehicles to help any State agency or any sized business who wants to join us as green leaders,” he continued.

ESB’s 50 New EV’s.rPhoto Chris Bellew /Fennell Photography Copyright 2019

The ESB decision to buy 70 award-winning e-NV200 vehicles is one of the largest purchases of commercial vehicles in Ireland this year. Nissan has experienced growing demand for the car as more businesses look to reduce their carbon footprints, particularly from the delivery, transport and private hire businesses across Ireland.

The upgraded 40 kWh version of the e-NV200, unveiled in October 2017, is a key pillar in Nissan’s wider commitment to reduce the level of CO2emissions in city centres caused by professional drivers making deliveries and collections. The ESB estimates that its decision to purchase 70 Nissan e-NV200 vehicles will offset 170 tonnes of carbon annually by phasing out diesel in the ESB Network’s small van fleet. The vehicles will be deployed nationally to replace small diesel equivalents working in the areas of metering and stores.

The e-NV200 combines the best features of Nissan’s NV200 van and the Nissan LEAF, the leading electric vehicle globally. It offers a fully electric powertrain, smart on-board technologies and multiple cabin configurations which can be tailored to meet both private and business needs. Under the WLTP homologation procedure, the upgraded e-NV200’s advanced 40 kWh battery delivers 200 kilometres of range on the Combined Cycle and up to 301 kilometres on the Urban City Cycle. It has excellent cargo capacity and payload, allowing customers to transport up to two Euro pallets or a load weighing up to 705kg.

It also stands out in the marketplace with its unique bi-directional charging capacity. This allows e-NV200 customers to use their vehicle batteries to store electricity, connect to and power their businesses, or even sell back excess electricity to help balance their local energy grid.