One Metre < > Two Metres have become Poles Apart


Last week the country became embroiled in a debate about the importance of social distancing and the main question was that if one metre was significantly more dangerous than two metres. So, as the main political parties struggle to put a new Government in place, is there a danger that peoples focus is elsewhere and the country is losing out as other nations open up their economies?

One of the most important procedures airline pilots are briefed on in a time of crisis is; “Make sure someone is flying the plane!” The present Government is certainly in a crisis with its day-to-day activities that could be described as well outside “normal operations”. Just as the inconclusive election is announced in terms of a result that would allow the formation of a Government, a pandemic hits the country, and with it, advice from the Department of Health to effectively shut down the country. While things in the cockpit appear calm and controlled, there are those that are now starting to question some of the more recent decisions and directions the country is heading. I think it was the Taoiseach who said that opening the country would not be as simple as closing it. No business owner will need to be told that, but speed and good direction are essential. There has been a suggestion that road transport companies have not been, as badly effected as other sectors. Not true, depending on the sector, some companies have been badly impacted. Passenger transport has been decimated as schools, day trips and tourism ground to a halt.

So now we need strong leadership from politicians, prominent health officials that can advise and that the media can question. We need our leaders to make decisions. There is a lot of evidence emerging in Europe about what is safe and what is not. Never has a question been asked more often in recent years, one metre or two metres, is the health difference greater than the economical difference, we are soon going to find out, hopefully before it’s not too late.