Open access to LNG filling station in UK


Gasrec’s open-access refuelling sites are enabling Polish logistics firm Huber to deliver thousands of goods across the UK, whilst taking advantage of a cleaner and lower cost fuel.

Based in Jaworzno, in southern Poland, Huber is one of many transport companies making a big push towards a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly operation – with roughly half of its fleet now running on natural gas.

Huber began the transition away from diesel in May 2019 and now has 64 tractor units running on LNG (liquified natural gas) – comprising 29 IVECO Stralis NPs and 35 Volvo FH LNGs. A typical route sees the trucks travelling across the continent, using LNG refuelling facilities in countries including Poland, Germany, Belgium and now the UK.

On average, the company runs 25 truckloads into the UK every day – delivering general cargo including aluminium, pet food, paper, plastic containers, medical equipment, white goods, flooring and non-hazardous waste.

Huber discovered the Gasrec sites through IVECO’s online gas station map, and its fleet is now a regular visitor to Gasrec’s newest location in Sittingbourne, plus its flagship facility next to the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal (DIRFT). Opened in 2013, DIRFT is the largest fuel station of its kind in Europe, with the capacity to refuel 700 trucks per day.

Agnieszka Stolarczyk, Board Member at Huber, says: “We are very pleased with how the relationship with Gasrec has developed. Setting up an account was simple and the accessibility of its sites is perfect for our needs.

“Gasrec provides us with fuel cards so our drivers can refuel 24/7 – it’s a flexible service and means we can deliver to any corner of the UK, fully confident our vehicles will have the required range.”

James Westcott, Chief Commercial Officer at Gasrec, explains: “We’re now seeing increasing numbers of European operators accessing our facilities and we anticipate this will continue to build as more firms make the transition to this cleaner and cheaper fuel.

“The fact that Huber’s fleet sets off from a base more than 1,700km from DIRFT demonstrates that vehicle range needn’t be a barrier to unlocking the benefits of natural gas. The refuelling infrastructure is continuing to grow across Europe, as more fleets realise the benefits offered by the latest generation natural gas-powered vehicles; but it’s the early-adopters like Huber which are enjoying the benefits immediately.”

Huber has no doubt LNG is the right choice for its operation, insisting the environmental and economical advantages outweigh any perceived hassle associated with adopting a new fuel source.

Stolarczyk adds: “LNG-powered trucks are quieter, cheaper to fuel and emit far fewer emissions. It’s important we do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment; and it’s a message which has resonated very well with our employees and customers.

“In addition, it’s impossible for LNG to be stolen from our vehicles, which means our trucks and drivers are safer when they stop.”

Set up in 1991, Huber now handles more than 1,700 deliveries across Europe each month.