ORBCOMM extends trailer tracking solution by adding new EBS trailer weights feature


Availing of real-time trailer weight data increases cargo security, avoids empty trips and improves trailer utilisation.

ORBCOMM has introduced a new trailer weight feature to solve the problem of overloaded trailers by accessing data from the Electronic Braking System (EBS) module. By monitoring trailer weights in real-time, hauliers can avoid running overloaded trailers, get alerted to unauthorised trailer weight changes, prevent the sub-optimal use of trailers and mitigate against trailer misuse.

ORBCOMM’s EBS Trailer Weight feature helps to prevent overweight trailers by providing real-time trailer weight data, load and unload events, maximum allowable vehicle weight settings and alerts to overweight events. The data is available in FleetManager and can be integrated into other systems via an API call. The solution supports all major EBS brake manufacturers, including Haldex, Wabco and Knorr-Bremse.

“The overloading of HGVs presents a significant danger to road users, other vehicles and the roads themselves. Overweight trucks cannot stop quickly and can become unpredictable, tyres are less stable, and, in extreme events, the consequences can be fatal” commented Trevor Durnin, ORBCOMM’s Country Manager for the UK & Ireland. “ORBCOMM’s trailer weight monitoring enables fleets to track trailer weight changes during a trip so that operators can improve safety by reducing the potential for accidents while benefitting from fewer fines, better load efficiency and trailer productivity.”

The EBS trailer weight feature is available with ORBCOMM’s dry and refrigerated trailer solutions.

Standard features provide real-time alerts communicated on-screen, by SMS or email if loads are exceeded. Maximum allowable weights can be configured for each trailer. Load and unload events can be identified by specific location and time, to investigate the unauthorised loading or unloading of cargo. To help avoid over or under servicing of trailers, fleets can use the actual trailer odometer mileage from the EBS to determine maintenance scheduling and integrate that data with maintenance software. Red and amber warnings also indicate any safety issues with the EBS module.