ØRN Workwear – Expanding the Silverswift Workwear offering

Since 2015, when ØRN first launched the Silverswift workwear collection the offering has increased by 120%. This is quite significant as there have been new product launches across many of its other ranges. During November 2023 ØRN launched three new items of Silverswift clothing; the much-needed fitted ladies poloshirt, T-Shirt and Quarter-zip Sweatshirt. These new garments are helping to expand the range with a wider selection of professional quality workwear.

“As we know workwear clothing has come a long way from its origins as simple garments designed for practicality and safety protection. Todays’ workwear is not just about functionality; it has become a reflection of professionalism and corporate identity. The Silverswift began as an idea that stemmed from the desire to create clothing that could be worn to differentiate your brand. ØRN wanted to help company’s stand out from the crowd. By adding colour to your everyday workwear ensured your employees were recognised, not only by the logo but on first sight,” said an ØRN spokesperson.

“Adding small panels of colour to our clothing not only creates options for a distinct look to your company’s workwear the sides also create a slimmer more flattering look and style for the wearer. Adding white piping to the edges divides and outlines the colour giving it greater visibility and adds a second corporate colour to the workwear. Of course, ØRN didn’t stop with the colour panel on the sides a flash of colour was added elsewhere, such as the soft padded collars on the t-shirts, soft-shells, sweatshirts and along the inside of the polo shirt placket. Adding these final touches around the neckline and zips helps to establish a crucial element in your corporate identity and branding. Uniforms with company logos and colours help to create a cohesive and professional image for businesses and the employees that wear them.”

“Our collection began with the fleece, poloshirt and sweatshirt in a selection of two-tone colours. During the next few years, we expanded the range to include the softshell and combat trousers. Throughout the design process we never lost sight of our determination to create a product that ticked all the boxes for durability, strength, fit and style. Safety is a paramount concern for many industries and quality workwear plays a vital role in ensuring employees are safe at work. As ØRN evolved this collection, we were focused on our vision to make outstanding workwear. Manufacturing clothing using higher quality fabrics that are responsibly sourced and more sustainable for the planet. To meet our own sustainable values ØRN ensures the fabric used during the manufacturing process has been tested and meets OEKO- TEX standard 100. It’s a great accomplishment and one we are very proud of. The ØRN Workwear brand is made better by design, manufactured responsibly to be more efficient for our customers and better quality for our wearers.”