Out of this (electric) World – Saturn City Van & Trucks!


A compact, convenient and, most importantly, cost-effective small electric van or truck have entered the marketplace.  The brand new Saturn City van and truck EVs (electric vehicles) are low cost to buy and to operate, plus kind to the environment, yet their size is sufficient for many applications including local deliveries, trades people, airport operations and on-site use.

If your daily work schedule, or your journeys between locations are all relatively short, especially if they are within a town or city or around a site or an estate then a small electric van makes perfect sense.

The City van and truck is fully electric, being powered only by batteries, and so completely emission-free at the point of use.  This makes it ideal for use in conurbations and other areas where air quality is of concern, especially those towns and cities that are imposing bans on vehicles with a petrol or diesel engine, even hybrids.  Because the Saturn City van and truck operate solely on electric power, it is also exempt from road tax and many emissions and congestion charges.

Despite being compact in size, the City ‘box style’ van has a good-sized load space, conveniently being very square, with no intrusions, measuring 2270mm long x 1400mm wide x 1520mm high.  Meanwhile, the load space on the flatbed truck is a similar 2260mm long x 1400mm wide with a side surround of 400mm high and a drop-down tailgate at the rear and the sides can also be dropped.  Both vehicles have a payload of 500kg.

Ideal for local and site use, the Saturn City van or truck have a range of up to 125 miles, dependent upon payload, usage and battery size.  Whilst the top speed is only 80kp/h, this is generally more than sufficient for town, city and site use.  The van and truck can be charged from a standard electric vehicle charging point or mains supply.

Specification includes lithium-ion battery, two seats, central locking, front and rear disc brakes, LCD display screen, Bluetooth connectivity and a USB / SD interface, the City van and truck are very competitive.  Optional extras include air conditioning and GPS vehicle tracking devices.

A compact size, cost-efficiency, both in running costs and purchase price, kind to the environment, simple and convenient to operate, the Saturn City van and truck make a lot of sense.  For further information, please see the Saturn website at https://saturn-ev.co.uk/saturn-ev-range/saturn-city-van/