Parking Arrangements for the Rammstein concert – Sunday, 23 June 2024


    The RDS in conjunction with APCOA Ireland will be providing parking facilities for coaches and minibuses that are bringing people to Rammstein in the RDS on Sunday 23rd June 2024. Parking will be on-site in Simmonscourt at the RDS.

    Bus and coach customers will have a direct, straight safe 5-minute walk to and from the stadium along footpaths which are well lit at night-time.

    There will be a charge of €20 per coach or minibus for this service, payable onsite. Cash and pin payments only. The parking facility will be open from midday until latest midnight.

    On arrival the driver will be provided with a number to put in the window of the coach so customers can identify which coach to return to.

    Drivers will be required to park their coach prior to allowing patrons disembark. This will ensure the safety of patrons and help them to locate the correct coach after the event.

    The below google link is the exact location of the Simmonscourt, RDS parking facility, access will be from Shrewsbury Road only:

    Please note there is no right-hand turn to Shrewsbury Road from Merrion Road when arriving from the City Centre side, please plan your route accordingly.

    Unplanned drop offs will not be permitted within the vicinity of the RDS and any private coach or bus that stops in an unauthorised area will be moved on by An Garda Síochána and/ or clamped.

    Early booking into the packing facility is strongly advised to ensure your space.

    Please note that EACH INDIVIDUAL BUS coming on the day must be pre-registered.

    Pre-registration is required to secure space. Please complete the table below and email to to book the space ASAP.


    Operator Name  
    NTA Application Reference, if applicable  
    Coach registration number  
    Coach / minibus capacity  
    Contact telephone number  
    Date and day of required booking