PCL’s Mobile Tyre Inflation Cart accelerates on-site Tyre Inflation


PCL’s self-contained mobile tyre inflation cart offers a speedy solution in commercial fleet settings where quick and easy access to compressed air is required for tyre maintenance on multiple vehicles.

Designed to inflate tyres on cars, vans or commercial vehicles up to 145psi, the slimline, battery-operated forecourt-style tower with built-in compressor is completely mobile. There is no need for air, power or a compressor on site, everything needed is integrated into the cart, which can be moved quickly and conveniently on castors around sites and in between vehicles.

For fleet managers who don’t have access to compressed air or tyre inflators at depots, the AM90 provides safe, flexible and efficient inflation, removing costly call out fees to top up tyres. Plus the use of a high power, rechargeable 12v or 24v battery means no trailing wires or air source hoses, and provides 20 hours of continuous inflation on full charge.

PCL’s AM90 mobile tyre inflation cart offers:

  • Fast inflation speeds, compressing a 22-litre tank from empty to 105 psi in under 4 minutes, with top ups taking just seconds.
  • Touch screen operation for the operator to pre-programme the correct tyre inflation pressure up to 145 psi, allowing the unit to work automatically and safely with auto shut off.
  • Super-fast re-chargeable unit for first-class reliability; manufactured, tested and calibrated in Sheffield by the UK’s world-leading PCL brand.

Developed and tested in conjunction with the Ocado van fleet network, the user-friendly cart promises to transform fleet operations, maximising profitability whilst minimising the risks and costs caused by under-inflated tyres.

A drop in the recommended tyre pressure can substantially increase braking distance, and there are also significant cost implications. The increased rolling resistance caused by a difference in just 1 bar/14 psi could cost around one full tank of fuel per year, and half a bar/7 psi can difference can knock around 8,000 km off tyre life.

Business Development Manager Olly Shortland said: “For fleet managers, the provision of easy on-site inflation, where operators can take the tower to the vehicle, rather than drive multiple vehicles to a fixed and often cumbersome piece of equipment, can reap huge rewards. PCL’s new mobile cart enables fast and accurate inflation wherever and whenever required, keeping tyres topped up and in optimum condition at all times. The AM90 is the reliable, all-in-one tyre inflation solution for increasing fleet safety, profit and performance.”