Petit Forestier reinforces commitment to refrigerated transport fit for the future


Andrew Morley, Commercial Director at Petit Forestier discusses the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering refrigerated solutions that are fit for the future.

“At Petit Forestier, we continue to lead the way for innovation and technology in refrigerated transport, with a series of solutions designed to meet the evolving environmental and regulatory standards. In my role as Commercial Director, I’m regularly planning and forecasting for the future and making sure that we have the financial flexibility for further business innovation, above and beyond what is required by future legislation and regulations.

Regulatory compliance is an evolving topic that impacts refrigerated solutions, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector. We’re proud to say that our vehicles can be specified to include all of the necessary product enhancements such as data recorders and multiple temperature probes making the vehicles fully fit for purpose.

The business has implemented a series of new measures to meet targets and achieve compliance. This includes creating an eco-friendly fleet, providing additional energy savings in refrigerated bodywork and ensuring vehicles are certified beyond the current ATP regulations for transport equipment in the pharmaceutical sector.

Petit Forestier has a light commercial vehicle range, equipped with URBAN refrigerated bodywork by Lecapitaine (owned Petit Forestier Group), which saves up to 12% on consumption, while complying with the WLTP standard, thanks to its lighter weight, better insulation and optimised aerodynamics.

We are also proud to offer alternative energy vehicles as part of the fleet. Working with our partners and suppliers, we rent vehicles and refrigeration units that are 100% electric or powered by natural gas. The team and I continuously evaluate our fleet to see where innovations can be introduced to support our customers and meet their evolving needs, particularly in relation to environmental savings. We understand the evolving challenges that our customers face in competitive markets and we’re always looking for new technologies and new solutions that can support.

In addition to the fleet enhancements, we also offer eco-driving advice that aims to optimise vehicle use, drive down the costs associated with accidents and reduce environmental impact. Furthermore we have recently launched our Electric Vehicle Guide (available online) which provides simple advice on transitioning and operating electric vehicles. We take pride in working with customers to help them to continue to deliver excellent service more efficiently, safely and with a reduced environmental impact.”