Pick-up owners love their vehicles 21% more than car owners! Isuzu Survey


Isuzu, the leading name in rugged and reliable pick-up trucks in the UK, unveils groundbreaking findings from its latest research study, shedding light on the deep affection pick-up, 4X4 or SUV owners have for their cars, compared to those who drive other vehicles. 

The study, commissioned by Isuzu UK and conducted by leading research experts, surveyed a diverse cross-section of British drivers to uncover their feelings and attitudes towards their cars and found that two-thirds (65%) of pick-up, 4X4 or SUV owners LOVE their wheels, compared to just 43% of owners of other types of vehicles.

The results are nothing short of astounding, showcasing the passionate bond between pick-up, 4X4 and SUV owners and their vehicles.

According to owners of vehicles different to pick-ups, SUVs and 4x4s the main reasons they dislike their cars are because they are too small (25%), look cheap (25%), lack the fun factor when driving (24%) and don’t have any modern features (22%).

One in five (20%) hate the fact that their car uses too much fuel, while a further 19% say it is simply an uncomfortable drive and doesn’t speed up quicker enough.

It’s no surprise that nearly a quarter (23.5%) of those surveyed yearn for a fresher set of wheels, dreaming of the day they can upgrade to a newer model. Over three-quarters (77%) of participants cited cost as the primary barrier to upgrading, while 14% found themselves stuck in the habit of driving the same car for years.

In contrast, a staggering 65% of pick-up, 4X4 and SUV owners professed their adoration for their vehicles, showcasing a remarkable attachment to their wheels.

In fact, pick-up, 4X4 and SUV owners are 21% more likely to love their car if it is a rugged, reliable Isuzu. Do not miss out on the love affair that bigger vehicle owners enjoy.

Owners of vehicles different to pick-ups, SUVs and 4x4s aired their grievances, with nearly a quarter (24.5%) bemoaning their car’s size, while 23% found their rides lacking the fun factor.

George Wallis, Head of Marketing at Isuzu UK, weighed in on the findings, stating: “Our study underscores the enduring appeal of the Isuzu D-Max pick-up, the epitome of rugged versatility. It’s no surprise that pick-up owners are head over wheels in love with their vehicles. The D-Max offers unmatched performance, style, and reliability, making it the natural choice for those who demand more from their drive. It can even pick-up their mood.”

With one in ten (10%) admitting they regularly feel car envy, it is clear that the grass is greener on the pick-up, SUV and 4×4 side of the road.

This research of 2,000 Britons was commissioned by Isuzu UK and conducted by Prospectus Global in March 2024.