PICTURE OF THE WEEK – ALL Family of Companies Purchases Largest Crane *Power-packed, 1,200-ton Liebherr LR 11000


Next spring, the ALL Family of Companies takes delivery of what will immediately become the largest crane in its fleet. The Liebherr LR 11000 lattice boom crawler boasts a 1,200-ton capacity and 551 feet of main boom. It’s expected to be in high demand across multiple markets served by ‘ALL’ due to its versatility. It’s suitable for all types of work including infrastructure, wind power, and industrial construction, and maintains strength even in constricted working conditions.’ 

“As wind towers are becoming taller and plants have become more sprawling, the need for a big crane with high capacities and extended reach has become clear,” said Rick Mikut, ALL’s crawler crane division manager. “The Liebherr LR 11000 offers exactly what these and other customers have been looking for.”

The crane’s high capacity allows it to easily accommodate load restrictions standard in many sectors. “Even at 50% to 70% of load, the LR 11000 offers plenty of capacity to make the big lifts,” added Rick.

The crane is loaded with features including infinite adjustment of the suspended ballast using V-frame, the hydraulically adjustable folding frame, and VarioTray detachable ballast system that saves the need for stacking and unstacking on a job. The LICCON2 computer control system delivers easy handling, monitored erection mode, and extended set-up facilities.

Another available option for ALL customers is Liebherr’s P-boom system, which further increases lift capacity. A second lattice boom is mounted parallel to the other at the bottom and merged together at the top to form one single boom.